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EU BACKTRACK: Brussels will DITCH ‘ever-closer union’ to save crumbling bloc

EUROPEAN UNION (EU) eurocrats appear to have backtracked on plans for an “ever-closer union” amid a growing eurosceptic movement, which is engulfing the Continent.

Angela Merkel and torn EU flag GETTY

Angela Merkel said the EU will weaken its plans for a “ever-closer union”

The hopeless Brussels bigwigs have announced they will relax the bloc’s multi-speed alliance set out in the “Rome declaration”.

The move is set to be a slap in the face to EU Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker and French President Francois Hollande who have repeatedly called for more integration.

But during a recent EU summit in Malta beleaguered German Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to reveal the European Union were back-pedalling on plans set out in the original Treaty of Rome.

She said: “The history of recent years has shown that there will be a multi-speed EU and not all members will participate in the same steps of integration.

EU flag crumbling GETTY

The EU is facing difficulties amid a growing eurosceptic movement

The history of recent years has shown that there will be a multi-speed EU and not all members will participate in the same steps of integration

Angela Merkel

“We are talking about a period of more or less, 10 years, during which we will determine how to proceed in what direction.”Mrs Merkel’s comments echo concerns following Britain’s momentous Brexit vote that the UK thinks they can “cherry pick” their relationship with the Brussels club after voting Leave.

The crumbling EU’s future currently hangs in the balance in the face of a rising eurosceptic movement sweeping the continent.

Rising populist movements in Hungary and Poland have seen member states snub EU demands including migration quotas.

Theresa May was forced to leave the meeting in Valletta, in Malta, where 27 leaders discussed the future of the bloc without Britain.

Theresa May and Angela Merkel GETTY

Theresa May left the Malta Summit before EU members discussed the bloc

The goals will be included in the March’s 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.Members of the sprawling state met in Malta on Friday to discuss a future plan for the struggling bloc.

Francois Hollande GETTY

The plans will be a slap in the face for French president Francois Hollande

EU leaders will also be told to sign up to an ever-increasing swathe of legislative measure in June following the “Rome declaration” a few months earlier.The report moans that Trump, Brexit, terrorism, increased military expansion by Russia and the migrant crisis pose serious threats to the stability of the EU.

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