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The EU is failing because it was too ambitious – Geopolitical expert’s damning critique

A LEADING geopolitical scientist has predicted an end to the European Union, which he says has been a “failure” since its formation over 20 years ago.

Ian Bremmer, President of New York-based Eurasia Group, claimed the intention to create a “European supranational identity” was far too ambitious to ever be implemented.Speaking on Fox News, Mr Bremmer hinted that member states’ economic models were just too different to be intertwined in one political union, despite the fanatical belief of many in Brussels for ‘ever-closer union’.

“I think it is fair to say the has been a failure,” he said.

“In the sense of what they were trying to do was trying to get all of these countries to join and the integration would bring them closer politically over time.

Ian Bremmer, Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude JunckerGETTY•FOX

A top political scientist claims the EU had been destined to fail from the outset

The EU is proving to be far more ambitious than you could actually operationalise on the ground

Ian Bremmer

“They are going to look more alike. They are going to support the creation of a European supranational identity.”The Eurasia chief said that its faults will inevitably lead to other European countries staging their own referendums on EU membership, with likely to follow Britain out of the Brussels exit next.

His views were echoed in a warning from the European Parliament’s lead negotiator Guy Verhofstadt, who warned of a three-pronged .

“If we look to the pressure on the European Union at the moment… [Donald Trump] is bidding on the disintegration of the European Union and also Vladimir Putin wants to divide the European Union,” he said.


Ever closer union has long been a desire of many EU chiefs

“Then there’s also the threat of jihadism and then internally we have enormous pressures by nationalists, populists, the whole question of Brexit – it’s an existential moment for the European Union.”Mr Bremmer accused the bloc’s leaders for drifting too far away from their initial promises of averting war between European nations, citing the euro and single market as its downfall.

He added: “What you were trying to do originally was not just a common market or currency, but also create a supranational political identity to make sure these countries didn’t go to war against each other anymore.

“That alliance is proving to be far more ambitious than you could actually operationalise on the ground – and the people are reacting very badly to that idea.”

The expert moved on to suggest a Marine Le Pen victory in France’s presidential election is the last thing wanted by the continent’s financiers.Mr Bremmer claimed that her bid to remove France from the EU would have “significant further negative implications” for the bloc’s currency.

He supported her pledge to deny Greece any further assistance with its mounting debt crisis, adding that her politics would act as a springboard for other populist movements across Europe who were also disgruntled by supporting the member state’s failing economy.

“The reality is they never created fiscal harmony between these countries because the Greeks and the Germans [have] fundamentally different types of economies,” Mr Bremmer concluded.

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