‘Asylum seekers MUST NOT choose EU nation to apply in’ Swedish MEP leads migration reform – ANYONE WHO BELIEVES THAT THIS PROPOSAL IS A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM, THEY NEED THEIR HEAD EXAMINED

DEMANDS for major reform of the European Union’s asylum procedures have been made as the continent buckles under the strain of the migrant crisis.

Cecilia Wikström and line of refugeesGetty  Swedish Liberal MEP, Cecilia Wikström has launched proposals to reform the EU’s asylum procedure

Swedish Liberal MEP, Cecilia Wikström who is in charge of making changes, said an overhaul was necessary as Europe enters a “rapidly changing world”, where it must deal with the influx of millions of people.And she said that the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU had been a “wake-up call for all of us who believe in the European project and who see the benefits of finding common solutions to common challenges”.

Ms Wikstrom wants to create a system which means asylum seekers are registered on arrival in the EU.

Such a move would mean Brussels doing away with the current procedure which sees the first country refugees arrive in responsible for any asylum claim.This, she believes, would remove the incentive for refugees to attempt to travel across the bloc to their country of choice, she said, and see the population fairly shared across the bloc.

The European Commission announced the plan at a press conference at 10am on March 7.

At present, the Dublin Regulation number 604/2013 decides which nation is responsible for processing a refugee’s asylum claim.

refugees arrived by boat in EuropeGetty    One million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe in 2015 – many by boat

But it has been problematic as asylum seekers know the rules and often choose where they want to live before they travel.Ms Windstorm now wants EU member states to share responsibility for taking in refugees.

The MEP, who is tasked with leading the proposals through the European Parliament, said: ”A distribution scale is being drawn up based on GDP and population, in which every country’s share of the responsibility is clear.

“When a member state fulfils its part of the joint responsibility, asylum seekers that arrive there would be distributed to other countries.”

She added: “If every country in Europe with 10,000 residents had, in 2015, taken its share of responsibility for the refugees crisis they would have received 30 asylum seekers each.”

Ms Wikstrom's manifestoEU    Ms Wikstrom has created a manifesto for changing the Dublin regulation

She added: “Problems arise in Europe when we fail to work together and share the responsibility to provide shelter for those in need.”Europe has seen a massive surge in mass migration over the past 10 years as immigrants from Syria, Iraq, and countries in Africa flock to its shores.

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees one million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe up until the December 21, 2015.

Most came by sea through ports in Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy and Spain often enduring treacherous journeys.


At the press conference, she said that with 1.5 million asylum seekers coming into the EU, it was important to even out the responsibility of each member states for looking after them.She will present her report on March 9.

Members can make amendments until March 23.

She explained that the Dublin regulation was introduced in 1999 by the Finnish presidency. But much of the European landscape has changed.

She now wants the proposed new laws to be “binding for all members states.”


The number of migrants in just two countries – Greece and Italy – overwhelmed the system prompting the need for an overhaul.

While she does not want asylum seekers to choose where they go there will be exceptions to the rule.

If the refugees have family in one country where they want to stay then their application will be considered for that country.

But she warned: “If they abuse the system and lie, they’ll be relocated. This is a deterrent for abuse.”

Additionally, a discretionary clause in article 19 will allow the asylum seeker to apply to any member state but it will be up to that country whether to grant the application or not.

refugees in SerbiaGetty   Brussels will scrap current procedure which sees refugees register in first country they arrive in

In her manifesto for change, Ms Wikstrom acknowledged recent terror attacks in Brussels and Paris would leave scars forever.She said: “EU members states need to develop more comprehensive de-radicalisation programmes specifically targeting Jihadis returning from terrorist organisations in the Middle East.

“We need to make sure the member states actually fulfil their obligations.”

The Swedish MEP has also outlined plans to establish a European FBI that can combat serious cross-border criminality and create a mechanism that monitors EU member states, so that no violations of freedom or basic rights occur.

She warned: “In a globalised world not even Germany, Europe’s economic engine, is strong enough to compete alone on the international arena.

“If Europe is to remain an important and significant player on the world stage, new life has to be injected into the European project.

“The EU must be developed and democratised in the areas of freedom, security and justice and deliver a true common foreign and security policy.”

She acknowledged that some member states “were hesitant to put it likely” to accept quotas for refugees in their countries.

But the European Union tradition’s was to accept and look after refugees and this, she said, must continue.There would be a transitional period of five years to allow less experienced members states to take care of refugees. BUt they would need to add 20 percent of refugees per year.

Under her plans, there would be no opt out clause of taking care of refugees. There used to be an opt out option of €250,000 – but she wants this removed.

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