BREAKING: Lords inflict NEW defeat on Government’s Art. 50 Bill by backing Brexit ‘veto’

THE HOUSE of Lords tonight inflicted a second defeat on the Government over the Prime Minister’s Article 50 Bill as peers backed a demand for a Brexit ‘veto’.

House of LordsPARLIAMENT.TV   The House of Lords inflicted a second defeat on the Government’s Article 50 Bill

Peers chose to make their second alteration to the Article 50 Bill by supporting an amendment that requires Parliament’s approval for the Government to agree an EU divorce deal or even leave without any deal.

Critics have accused peers of using the amendment to create a ‘veto’ over the historic Brexit vote by the UK public on June 23 last year.

Peers backed the amendment with 366 voting in favour and 268 voting against.

Responding to the House of Lords vote, Tory MP and leading Brexit supporter Dominic Raab said: “It’s undemocratic for the Lords to give themselves a veto over Brexit, and this flawed amendment would only encourage the EU to offer us a lousy deal. I expect MPs will reject it.”

PARLIAMENT.UK   The peers’ amendment

The amendment demanding a ‘meaningful’ vote on the final Brexit deal had been brought by crossbenchers Lord Pannick and Lord Hannay as well as Labour’s Baroness Hayter and the Liberal Democrat’s Lord Oates.

MPs will now come under pressure to throw out the House of Lords amendment when the Article 50 Bill returns to the House of Commons next week.

Theresa May has claimed if the Government were to accept the ‘meaningful’ vote amendment it could encourage the EU to hand Britain a bad Brexit deal in a bid to keep the UK in the bloc.

Last week, the House of Lords voted in favour of a previous amendment over the rights’ of EU nationals currently living in the UK.

The Article 50 Bill – designed to hand Theresa May the power to formally notify Brussels of Britain’s EU departure – had initially  been passed unamended by the House of Commons before becoming bogged down in the House of Lords.

More to follow…

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Just get on with it Mrs May….then once this is done get rid of the H of L’s we don’t need this taxpayer funded old folks home.

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