NightSide – The End of Europe

BOSTON (CBS) – For many Europeans, the Brexit vote was just as shocking as Trump’s election win here in the United States. Upon news that Britain will be pulling out of the European Union, movements have taken root in many other European nations to examine whether E.U. membership is in their best interest. James Kirchick, journalist and foreign correspondent, checks in with NightSide Nation to discuss the future of Europe. How will President Trump change our relationship with European powers? Is the future of Europe at risk in our increasingly chaotic world?

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Jane Davies

I haven’t listened to the radio interview so cannot add anything but reading the comment by Anonymous I likely won’t bother. I just wanted to thank you Peter for managing to silence the extremely annoying autostart on the videos they drove me crazy and having to silence the sound at source on my computer was annoying and distracting when one is trying to read. Well done!

I’m not sure why you’ve bothered to include this radio interview but perhaps there’s something in it beyond the first 20 minutes, the point where I could stand listening no longer. The problem is partly with the interviewer and the laconic, hapazard style but even if I accept that the American audience may be pretty unfamiliar with the issues affecting Europe the interviewee, James Kirkup is not. Nevertheless he associates Brexit with right-wing, populist movements on the Continent, even stating that Leavers here manipulated the African migrant crisis to spuriously support their case during the Referendum (given that the terrorist… Read more »
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