‘Britain never voted for THIS’ May BLASTS back over EU’s demand for £52BILLION Brexit bill

THERESA May has vowed to fight the European Union over its demand Britain pays a £52billion divorce bill when it leaves the embattled bloc.

The Prime Minister attacked European leaders over the unreasonable order, claiming British people did not vote for just to carry on footing the bill in Brussels.
And speaking at her last EU summit before she is due to activate the departure process, Mrs May declared , amid rumours she could trigger exit talks as early as next Tuesday.Her comments come after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called for the conservative leader to show the fighting spirit of her predecessor Margaret Thatcher in facing down “unreasonable” cash demands.

Theresa May and EU leadersGETTY   Theresa May has slapped down the divorce bill from EU leaders

Theresa May at EU summitREUTERS  Theresa May could launch Article 50 as early as next week

Asked about the EU demands, the Uxbridge MP said: “I think we have illustrious precedent in this matter.“I think you can recall the 1984 Fontainebleau summit in which Mrs Thatcher said she wanted her money back. And I think that is exactly what we will get.”Mr Johnson added: “It is not reasonable, I don’t think, for the UK having left the EU to continue to make vast budget payments. I think everybody understands that.”
Speaking during a break in the Brussels summit yesterday, said: “Let me be very clear – there is only ever one Margaret Thatcher.“But when people voted on June 23 for us to leave the , they voted for us to not pay huge sums of money into the EU every year – and of course when we leave the EU that will be the case.”The divisive row intensified yesterday as EU figures claimed the total sum would have to be settle before talks on a new trading relationship could begin.

Boris JohnsonGETTY  Boris Johnson called on May to channel her inner Maggie Thatcher

Theresa May and Angela MerkelREUTERS  Mrs May said the EU cannot force the UK to make payments after Brexit

When people voted for us to leave the EU, they voted for us to not pay huge sums of money into the EU every year

Theresa May at last Brussels summit

And negotiators warned Britain will still be on the hook for projects it signed off while still a member, as well as pensions for Brussels officials.The decision to enforce the so-called divorce bill could cause a huge split between Britain and the rest of the EU’s 28 member states, who have publicly backed the lofty settlement.Irish prime minister Enda Kenny indicated he too would back the divorce bill as he arrived at the Brussels summit yesterday.

Theresa MayREUTERS  Theresa May declared it was time to crack on with leaving the union

He said: “When you sign on for a contract you commit yourself to participation and obviously the extent of that level of money will be determined.“It will have to be dealt with and it will be dealt with.”But Mrs May’s government claims there is no law or treaty that could force the UK to make payments after .
And their defiance could set the stage for an early conflict with the European Commission negotiating team, led by Michel Barnier who has already made it clear he expects early talks to focus on Britain’s financial responsibilities to the bloc.Last month the Brexit chief reportedly said trade discussions cannot begin until “divorce” talks over an exit bill and rights of expatriate citizens have concluded.One senior eurozone official in contact with Mr Barnier said: “He thinks we will be discussing money and acquired rights [of expatriate citizens] until December.“No trade, nothing about the future, just the past.”

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Nick Toeman
The EU’s negotiating position is that we must first pay a divorce bill before they’ll tell us what we’ll get for our money. Nobody would agree to buy anything that way so it’s a great strategy if you don’t intend ever to reach an agreement. It’s probably just posturing by EU apparatchiks that more sensible national leaders will prevent but if that’s how it goes our choice is simple: just Leave. A confident Union would say, “Sorry you’re leaving, we’ve got some great plans ahead. Good luck on your own.” A fearful Union says, “Don’t try to leave or we’ll… Read more »
Jane Davies

It remains to be seen if Mrs May has more balls than the ineffectual Cameron when it comes to this outrageous blackmail demand.

Margaret Robinson
During divorce assets are divided to both parties. We should make a list of the EU assets to which we have contributed and demand a settlement for them, probably around £70 billion including their new egg building. Agreed about the UK doing well tax, but dont forget the 1.2 billion we had to pay to bailout the euro during the 2nd Greece crisis. Again we had been guaranteed we would not have to contribute to bailouts as we were not in the Euro, a cast iron written guarantee by the EU then told it was not worth the paper it… Read more »
roger carter

They must also then discuss Britain’s right to a share of the assets that we have contributed to over 40 or more years. We can demand our cut of the value of those.

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