Brexit is HAPPENING because lefties put self regard ABOVE national interest, blasts author

The journalist and author, who placed himself in the same bracket, said the educated and affluent had “ignored” concerns over mass immigration.

Speaking on Newsnight, Mr Goodhart added it was not racist to be “comfortable amongst people like yourself” and that signalled a new time for British politics.

He said: “The old divides are superseded. Our country is now split into two rival value blocks. The Anywheres versus the Somewheres.

“Anywheres tend to be educated and mobile. They value autonomy, openness and fluidity. They see the world from, well, anywhere.

David Goodhart and EU protestorsBBC•GETTY      David Goodhart said it was not chauvinistic to value your national identity

Our country is now split into two rival value blocks

David Goodhart

‘Somewheres tend to be more rooted and less well educated. They value group attachments, familiarity and security. They see the world from particular places, from somewhere.

‘We Anywheres are mainly graduates and affluent. We’re less than a quarter of the population but we dominate politics and society regardless of which party is in power.”

Mr Goodhart, who has worked with think tanks Demos and Policy Exchange, added changes to the labour market, higher education, traditional family structures and mass immigration had contributed to a sense of unease among those he classed as ‘Somewheres’.

“We ignored, or labelled as xenophobic, the discomfort that many people felt over rapid ethnic change across the country,” he said.

‘We Anywheres care about the world, but we can be guilty of a kind of self-regard, and a naive liberalism too.

‘We’re wary of most group identities because we just don’t feel them ourselves. But it’s not chauvinistic to value your national identity and it’s not racist to feel more comfortable amongst people like yourself.

“We Anywheres have ruled in our own interests and called it the national interest. On June 23, the Somewheres said ‘enough’. It’s time for a new settlement in British politics.”

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

What a load of codswallop. Just this mans opinion, he thinks only the educated and affluent voted for Brexit and he puts himself in that bracket? How to show your ignorance for everyone to see, not very smart then is he?

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