SNP outrageously claims EU would FAVOUR Scotland over ‘LITTLE BRITAIN’ if given the choice

THE EUROPEAN Union would favour Scotland over the rest of “little Britain” if given the choice, the SNP’s trade and investment minister outrageously claimed.

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh argued Scotland had “many friends” across the European bloc as she insisted the country could remain part of the European project if separated from the UK.The nationalist MP made the bold claim from the party’s spring conference in Aberdeen on Friday.

She insisted an independent Scotland could forge a new relationship with the Brussels club because the country was better respected among Eurocrats compared to the rest of the UK.

Tasmina Ahmed-SheikhSKY NEWS    Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh claimed the EU would “prefer” Scotland over “little Britain”

The Scottish MP told Sky News: “I think it’s fair to say we have many friends across the EU and we’ve conducted ourselves as a European nation who wants to remain part of the European project.“We respect our European partners, we respect the Europeans who have made this country their home and want to move forward on that basis.

“The rest of [UK’s] position is, of course, the little Britain attitude on immigration, not willing to protect the status of EU nationals.

“I think if the EU was offered a choice on who they’d prefer to be part of the EU, I would hope that Scotland would be a preferred option.”

Tasmina Ahmed-SheikhSKY NEWS    The SNP MP was appearing on Sky News from the party’s conference in Aberdeen

Despite Ms Ahmed-Sheikh’s ambitious claim, Spain has already warned an independent Scotland would have to join the back of the queue if it wants to rejoin the EU.Responding to Monday’s announcement from Nicola Sturgeon that she intends to begin to process of a second independent bid next week, Alfonso Dastis warned against the fracturing of the UK.

He said: “Spain supports the integrity of the United Kingdom and does not encourage secessions or divisions in any of the member states. We prefer things to stay as they are.”

Mr Dastis, who is trying to contain Spain’s own separatist movements in Catalonia and the Basque country, warned and an independent Scotland could not expect any special treatment.[Scotland] would have to queue, meet the requirements for entry, hold negotiations and the result would be that these negotiations would take place.”

has vetoed a vote to break up the UK until after the terms of the Brexit deal have been completed.Speaking at the Welsh Conservatives’ party conference on Friday, she lashed out at Nicola Sturgeon’s “obsessive” threats.

Speaking in Cardiff, she said: “They’re happy to see power rest in Brussels, but if those powers come back to London, they want them given to Edinburgh so they can give them back to Brussels.

“Now they apparently say, as an independent Scotland they would no longer seek to become a member of the EU after a vote for separation – it’s muddle on muddle.”

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