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‘They SHAFTED us!’ Ireland will punish Brussels with shock EU exit, says Dublin think tank

THE EUROPEAN Union “shafted” Ireland and will pay the price with a shock ‘Irexit’, a think tank has warned.

Dublin-based Hibernia Forum said the Republic could leave the bloc as revenge for its treatment by Brussels during the financial crisis.Co-founder Keith Redmond said the country had been “quarantined” and forced to take on “toxic banking debt”.Mr Redmond, who is also a councillor on the Fingal County Council, told other factors, such as a growing loss of sovereignty, could lead to an Irish EU exit.

Ireland EU exitGETTY    Keith Redmond believes euroscepticism is growing in the Republic of Ireland

Ireland EU exitGETTY   Ireland could be next to leave the EU, according to a Dublin think tank

He said a growing distrust of Brussels was centred on three concerns: a lack of accountability from those in power, a loss of sovereignty in Ireland and the EU’s treatment of the country during the banking crisis.Mr Redmond said: “Ireland as an island was quarantined for the toxic banking debt of the EU. They basically shafted us.”He said leaving the EU was preferable to its inevitable chaotic collapse.

He said: “People were concerned in Ireland about the uncertainty that may follow [Brexit], the upheaval.“That’s all true, but it is necessary upheaval.“Otherwise we are faced ultimately with calamity, a total collapse. But we can make it a planned collapse.”

Mr Redmond said Brexit could kick-start the breakdown of the EU both in Ireland and across the blocHe said: “I have no great interest in what happens in the UK – that’s for their people to decide.“But I hoped it would be at least a wake up call for Europhiles in Brussels, and at best spark waves [of euroscepticism] across Europe.

Ireland EU exitGETTY    Keith Redmond said the EU “shafted” Ireland during the financial crisis

“It could be the first card pulled out, with the rest tumbling down.”The think tank co-founder previously told he believed the EU would offer the UK a fair exit deal.He also criticised a EU-supported classroom programme in Ireland, which he saw as “insidious propaganda”.

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