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The EU ISN’T the only option! Danish politician SCORNS claims the UK is ‘sinking into sea’

A DANISH party leader has ridiculed claims Brexit Britain is a sinking ship, as she blasted suggestions the single market is the only trade option in the world.

Pernille Vermund raged against the during a DR debate on whether Denmark should follow the UK out of the bloc, saying she wanted the Scandinavian country to set out its own rules.The lsaid: “I want a trade cooperation which allows us to decide for ourselves.”Ms Vermund’s remark set off a fiery clash with Martin Krasnik, the chief editor of Weekendavisen, as he said such trade agreements do not exist.The right-wing politician replied asking: “There is no trade outside the EU?”

Martin Krasnik and Pernille VermundDR            Pernille Vermund hit out against suggestions the UK would sink into the sea after Brexit

“You make it sound like the world didn’t exist before 1992, as if other countries outside the EU don’t exist and that Great Britain is sinking into the sea.“For me it is important we have a democracy where we set out rules for our own country.”A number of Danish politicians have seized on as an opportunity to exit Brussels, and in February Ms Vermund’s party, which was founded less than two years ago, polled at 4.8 per cent.

No? There is not trade outside the EU?

Pernille Vermund

The 41-year-old has proposed a series of hardline policies, including stricter controls on migrants and leaving the bloc.Eurosceptic MEP during the ‘Farewell to EU?’ debate.Arguing the bloc cannot deliver the cooperation needed to resolve the issues facing the Continent, she said: “The EU is unable to resolve all the big challenges we face today.“We have an economic crisis, where the EU has created joblessness and poverty. We have a climate crisis where the EU isn’t delivering. We have a refugee crisis where the EU cannot deliver.“We need European cooperation, but the EU we have today cannot solve these problems.”To which Peter Hummelgaard Thomsen, of the Social Democrats, responded: “I strongly disagree. There are many problems with the EU… but how would individual countries have tackled those issues without a common frame to resolve them?
“And regarding the climate crisis, it was the EU [who secured] a Paris agreement.”Ms Kari, of the People’s Movement against the EU, has previously hit out against Brussels and she hailed Brexit after triggered on Wednesday.She wrote on Facebook: “Today is a historic day. The British withdrawal in my eyes offers both challenges and great opportunities.”

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