MAPPED: The EU members who want Britain HAMMERED by staggering divorce bill

BITTER European Union (EU) members who want to see Britain hammered by a staggering divorce bill when it finally leave the bloc have been revealed in a shock index.

The majority of states believe the UK should be punished for its decision to leave and, in turn, say the exit deal must be costly.Belgium has been ranked as the nation which does not want to see Britain get away with a small divorce bill most of all.

The hardline stance comes after Brussels chief negotiator Michel Barnier hinted the EU would decide to punish with a .

Theresa MayGETTY/EXPRESS            The majority of EU states believe the UK should be punished for its decision to leave

Mapped EU27 stance on Britain paying low exit billEXPRESS           Mapped EU27 stance on Britain paying low exit bills

This was rebuked by Secretary .Economist Intelligence Unit analysts assessed the stance of the remaining 27 member states and found all of them were against Britain escaping the clutches of Brussels by paying a low divorce bill.

But the nations most against Britain paying a low charge were Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

Each member state was also placed into three groups including “hard-core”, “hard” and “soft”.

While the analysts also noted Eastern European countries would want to see Britain stump up a huge divorce bill because they are in receipt of EU development funds.

Michel BarnieGETTY             EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier hinted they might decide to punish Theresa May with a £50bn bill

The report said: “They said particularly those in receipt of EU development funds (of which Poland is the largest recipient), can be expected to resist an attempt by the UK to reduce its Brexit bill by cutting its aid commitments.“Net contributors to the budget (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Finland) are also likely to take an uncompromising stance in talks on the Brexit bill because they face the prospect of shouldering a greater share of future liabilities.”

Among Britain’s allies in the “soft category” were Malta, Luxembourg, Iceland and Cyprus.

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It’s time this government took a stand and told the E.U what to do with its so called divorce bill, just walk away.

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