Theresa May ‘to REJECT call for migrants in Britain to be guaranteed EU rights for life’

THERESA May is to reject a fresh demand from Brussels for EU migrants in Britain to be guaranteed EU rights for the rest of their lives, senior sources said today.

Theresa MayGETTY               Theresa May is to reject calls to guarantee EU rights to migrants for life claim senior sources

Leaked documents revealed that EU negotiators are preparing to open Brexit talks with an insistence that EU employment rights will continue in perpetuity for three million migrant workers already settled in the UK.The move would guarantee pension rights and job security as well as maintaining controversial rules that mean foreign workers can claim child benefit for youngsters living overseas.

EU officials also want the European Court of Justice to oversee Britain’s compliance with the rules, effectively allowing Luxembourg judges to continue meddling in British affairs for decades to come.

In return, he will say the same rights will apply to British citizens living in EU countries after Brexit.

But a senior Tory source today insisted Mrs May will refuse the demands if she is returned to government after the general election on June 8.

The source said: “The Prime Minister has said Brexit is about taking back control of our money and our laws. This demand from the EU is not going to happen.”

Senior Tory MP Sir William Cash said it would be “completely impossible” for Mrs May to agree to the EU demand.

The Prime Minister has said Brexit is about taking back control

Senior source

“The manner and depth of this authority would suggest that we are not leaving the EU at all.”From the day we leave we cannot and will not be subject to the ECJ.”

According to a leaked European Commission document, European Court of Justice supervision “should be maintained” for all issues relating to “the continued application of EU law in Britain” after Brexit.

Another leaked Brussels document on the negotiations said: “Agreeing reciprocal guarantees to safeguard the status and rights derived from EU law at the date of withdrawal of EU and UK citizens, and their families, affected by the withdrawal of the UK from the union will be the first priority for the negotiations.”

A senior EU diplomat insisted that the European Court of Justice should retain authority over the UK for decades after Brexit.”The withdrawal agreement with Britain will have followed Article 50 and is an act of the union.

“The ECJ is naturally the ultimate authority on an act of union law.

WorkersGETTY           EU negotiators are insisting that EU employment rights continue for three million migrant workers

“How this will be precisely translated into British law is a matter for the negotiation but it must be. It will be difficult.”The hard-line demand was backed by Antonio Tajani, the new president of the European Parliament.

He said: “If you want to continue to guarantee citizens’ rights you need to refere to the ECJ. The European Parliament is very clear on this – citizens’ rights is a red line.”

Applications for lifetime residency status in the UK for EU citizens have soared since last year’s EU referendum.A Government source said: “We have always been clear that security the rights of EU citizens in the UK and those of UK citizens in the other member states is a priority for us.”

The leaked documents also revealed plans to hit British taxpayers with a swingeing bill for the cost of relocating EU agencies after Brexit.

European Court of JusticeGETTY          Negotiators want the UK’s compliance to be overseen by European Court of Justice

Both the European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority are set to relocate to nations staying in the EU from their current homes in London’s Canary Wharf.A string of other bodies with links to the Brussels bureaucracy are understood to be also preparing to quit.

And the documents suggest Brussels bureaucrats want to force the UK to settle a Brexit “divorce” bill in euros rather than pounds to ensure British taxpayers bear the cost of any currency fluctuations.

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

That’s like me demanding UK rights and laws implemented here for me in Canada! If so I would get free prescriptions because seniors get them in the UK….what a crazy idea but then what does one expect from the idiots in Brussels?

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