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Marine Le Pen THROUGH to face Emmanuel Macron in French election run-off, first polls say

THE latest polls show Marine Le Pen won the first round of voting in the French Election, going on to tackle Emmanuel Macron in the final run-off.

The latest polls, released by the Interior Minister, hand Ms Le Pen the victory with 23.6 per cent of the vote compared to Mr Macron’s 22.7 per cent.Some of France’s major cities are yet to return their votes, but Ms Le Pen issued a stirring speech in which she promised to end mass immigration and the “free circulation of terrorists”.

She said: “I accept the responsibility of taking part in the second round of voting with humility and gratitude.

“I would like to express to you that this is an historic result and now we have an enormous responsibility to defend the French culture.

“You will get a France that protects the people, we will not have the free circulation of terrorists

“This result has shown an enormous confidence by the French people in the future of France.

“There is globalisation that endangers civilizations and we should protect borders.”

Emmanuel Macron has also just taken to the stage, proclaiming that his supporters have “changed the face of politics”.He thanked his army of, largely, youthful followers and said he plans to now unite France behind him and secure a resounding victory in the final election on May 7.

Emmanuel Macron Marine le Pen French electionGETTY    Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen look to be through to the final run off

Socialist leader Benoit Hamon gave a speech conceding and throwing his weight behing Mr Macron.

He told his dedicated crowd to reject Ms Le Pen “in the strongest way”.

French senator and key Fillon ally, Roger Karoutchi, also said: “The first indications are not good.”

Political insiders within both camps are confident that Ms Le Pen and Mr Macron have got through to the next round.

Marion Maréchal Le Pen, Marine’s niece, has tweeted hailing the result as “a great victory for patriots”.

Gérard Collomb, the Socialist mayor of Lyon and a Macron supporter, said: “He has succeeded in doing what few people expected. When, a year ago, we launched his movement En Marche!, people said: ‘It’s impossible, someone who does not belong to a political party can’t reach the second round’.

“It reveals a serious malaise in society, with people who don’t recognise themselves in the traditional parties. We are, without doubt, beginning a new era.”

He called on the French electorate to reject Ms Le Pen and instead stump for Mr Macron.

The former Prime Minister said: “The National Front has a history of violence and extremism can only give rise to division in France.”Marine Le Pen would bankrupt France by causing EU chaos by coming out of the Euro.

“I’m in favour of Emmanuel Macron – it’s my duty.”

Francois Fillon Emmanuel Macron Marine Le PenGETTY   Francois Fillon has conceded and urged people to reject Marine Le Pen

Initially, one polling company, Harris, has the En Marche! leader on 24 per cent, the other, Elabe, estimates he has 23.7 per cent of support.Ms Le Pen, apparently, is close behind on 22 per cent, meaning she will go through to the second round of voting on May 7.

Harris gave both conservative candidate Francois Fillon percent and far-left contender Jean-Luc Melenchon 20 percent, which would mean their elimination from the race.

The results are taken from taking samples from 200 or so polling stations and projecting that across the country, so it is not entirely accurate.

Ifop, another polling company, has Mr Macron on 23.3 and Ms Le Pen on 21.6 per cent.


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