FOI request to the Department for exiting the European Union.

Dear Readers.

it is becoming perfectly obvious that the EU is trying to screw Britain into the ground with regard to Brexit.  They are making more and more outrageous demands as to what they wish Britain to do before they even start negotiations.  They are probably stalling because of the rounds of General Elections within the EU and do not want to actually enter into negotiations at this stage.

The more worrying situation is that the Government appears to be publishing mixed signals.  Whereby they are  not actually admitting that they are prepared to water down the full intent of the Brexit vote, neither are they denying it.

An even more worrying aspect is that Theresa May has called a General Election and with only the minimum notice.   This is despite her previously adamant refusal to do so.  I am deeply worried that her motive for calling this election is to give the Conservatives a further 5 years to do as they wish knowing that the next General Election will not be until 2022, some  3 years after the end of the Article 50 period.

We should not be legally be subjected to this nonsense.  As a follow up to my previous article on the subject: I have initiated a Freedom of Information request from the Department for Exiting the European Union. The text is appended below:

“Dear Department for Exiting the European Union,
Why does the Government and your Department not acknowledge that Britain became a signatory to the VCLT:1969 in 1970 (ratified 1971) and that all treaties from the Treaty of Accession were illegal under International Law; Certainly all Treaties from the Single European Act onwards which were signed after the VCLT:1969 came into force in 1980.

Article 53 (Jus Cogens) states that abrogation of peremptory Law makes that treaty void if Legislation required to be removed in order to enact that treaty is not SPECIFICALLY repealed. It may not be assumed to be repealed.

Whereas a country’s sovereignty is being debated as whether it may be considered as a peremptory norm, surely abrogation of the Constitution of a Country comes under the heading of peremptory Law.

Britain does not have a tabulated Constitution and relies on individual items of Law. Such a Law is the 1689 Bill of Rights. It is the Birthright of all Englishmen. In particular the section which reads: “no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm.” Certainly being taken into the European Union without the informed consent of the People abrogates the Constitution. In fact, the true consequences were deliberately withheld by the then Government The Bill of Rights has not been repealed and is therefore still part of the British Constitution and it is perfectly obvious that Membership of the European Union abrogates the Bill of Rights and is therefore illegal.

I look forward to your Department’s response.

Yours faithfully,

Peter BROWN”

I have no doubt that this request will not achieve any definitive answer despite being my right under the Law.  They will probably argue that the request is not within their purview or it is outside of the requirements of the FOI Act.  Please be assured though that I will continue to chip away at every opportunity with regard to their obfuscations until something gives way


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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Hello Peter…..I’m back and no request to log in this time! FOI requests to the DWP regarding the frozen state pension scandal that I and others send in usually spout either a tired old boilerplate mantra or “we don’t have any stats for that” rarely does the actual question get an honest answer. A ‘frozen’ friend asked a couple of months ago “To whom does the pension belong, the pensioners (who have paid for it) or the DWP/treasury, he is still waiting for an answer, even though he has pointed out they have gone way beyond the time frame for… Read more »

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