Tories to team up with Ukip AGAINST May’s orders to WIN Brexit votes

CONSERVATIVES are planning to team up with Ukip to get more Brexit votes and defy Theresa May’s orders.

Paul Nuttall announces he will stand in Boston and Skegness

Ukip aims to take on pro-EU candidates in the election and not put up a candidate in areas with an already pro-Brexit MP.A Ukip source said: “It would look a bit strange if we’re using finite resources to compete against people who basically think the same as us over the issue.”

The anti-EU party want the best politicians to secure a departure from the bloc.

Theresa May and Paul NuttallGETTY           

Ukip is proposing tactical voting to ensure the best Brexit vote

EU flagGETTY   Ukip don’t want to put up a candidate in a seat with a pro-Brexit MP


Conservative MP Philip Hollobone said he was delighted that Ukip had given him their backing in Kettering.There is speculation that Ukip won’t stand against Andrew Bridgen in North-West Leicestershire or Peter Bone in Wellingborough.

Also, Stewart Jackson or Karl McCartney in Lincoln are expected to not face a Ukip opponent.

said he would put “country before party” by not standing candidates in the seats where there is a strongly pro-Brexit MP or where a pro-Brexit candidate has a chance of beating a pro-Remain MP.

As part of the tactical plot, certain pro-Brexit Labour MPs, such as Kate Hoey in Vauxhall, could see no Ukip candidate stand against them.The Liberal Democrats hope to target ‘Remain’ constituencies where the incumbent MP supports Brexit.

The plan is similar to the progressive alliance, which calls for the Greens, the Liberal Democrats and Labour to stand just one candidate in seats to defeat the Tories.

A Conservative spokesman told The Sun: “In this election a vote for any candidate other than the Conservative candidate risks the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn.”Polls suggest that the Tories will overwhelmingly win the election with many voters put off by the possibility of a Jeremy Corbyn leadership.

According to polling by YouGov, two thirds of Ukip voters will vote for the Tories in the 2017 General Election.

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall has announced that he will be standing in Boston and Skegness in the upcoming snap electio

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