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‘France is DYING’ Polish MP berates Macron’s election victory for ending French patriotism

A POLISH MP has disparaged Emmanuel Macron’s election victory, claiming it marks the end of French patriotism.

Krystyna Pawłowicz, from Poland’s conservative Law and Justice party, said Mr Macron’s victory marks the death of France, as citizens can no longer “fight” for their country.In a post on Facebook, Ms Pawlowicz said: “The French don’t have any fight left.“Compared to them, the Poles are mighty in spirit, channelling the full power of Polish patriots.

Polish MP Krystyna Pawłowicz slams Macron's victoryGETTY•WIKIPEDIA             Polish MP Krystyna Pawłowicz slams Emmanuel Macron’s victory as the death of France

“We are born, the French are dying. Without God, nor to of threshold, without Faith on Mary.”Her comments seem to be a spin on one of Mr Macron’s final speeches before the second voting round.During a rally, the 39-year-old called on his supporters to fight against the threat of “nationalism”.

He added: “My dear fellow citizens, there are not many Frances, there is only one. France, ours. France of patriots in a Europe that protects and that we will have to renew.“The task will be immense. I’m ready, by your side. The fight to be worthy to lead our country begins tonight, and we will win it. Long live the Republic, long live France.”
The French president-elect has previously been quick to attack Poland. Last week, Mr Macron drew parallels between Warsaw and Moscow at a major rally in Paris yesterday.In a furious tirade against the eastern European nations, Mr Macron said: “They are not open and free democracies. Every day, freedoms and rules are violated there along with our principles.”

Emmanuel Macron and wife BrigitteGETTY

Emmanuel Macron vowed to unify France in his first speech as president-elect

But he was promptly slapped down by the Polish Foreign Ministry, which branded his comments “unacceptable”.
A spokesman said Mr Macron has “no right to accuse the Polish people of warm feelings toward imperial Russia”.

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