‘Hypocrite!’ Arch-Remainer Sir Richard Branson uses Brexit to promote his own business

SIR Richard Branson has been brutally lambasted for disparaging Brexit while using it to promote his business.

The billionaire, who has routinely denigrated the decision to leave the European Union, approved a Virgin Airlines advert titled “The Bright Side of Brexit” for broadcast in the US.Applauding the historic vote, the advert mentions the weak pound, which makes it a “fabulous time” for American tourists to visit the UK.

It goes on to show an American entering an English pub and being given four beers for the cost of three, the Sun reports.By the end of the clip, the tourist is buying everyone a round with the savings he has made.

Virgin has since launched a “Brexit calculator” to help American tourists plan their visit to the UK, and calculate what they can buy with the weakened pound.

In response, Brexit Secretary David Davis told the newspaper: “This goes to show the rank hypocrisy of millionaire businessmen like Sir Richard Branson.

“They are continually trying to talk up scare stories surrounding Brexit – but at the same time playing on its advantages.”Sir Richard has been extremely critical of Brexit which he branded a “disaster”.

David Davis blasted Branson as a hypocriteGETTY           David Davis blasted Sir Richard Branson as a hypocrite for using Brexit which he has criticised

Jenna Lloyd, Virgin Atlantic’s head of marketing, claimed the advertisement showed the Brexit “opportunity” when they were launched.

Ms Lloyd: “We recognised that when Brexit was announced at the end of last year… it represented both a challenge and an opportunity.”

In a bid to boost tourism to Britain, Virgin Atlantic’s ad campaign was rolled out in Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Delhi.

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