UNDERCUT? Brexit minister has secret meeting with Luxembourg… and it will infuriate EU

BRITAIN has held secret Brexit meetings with a European Union (EU) member state behind Brussels back, in a move set to outrage eurocrats.

The UK’s vice-minister for Brexit negotiations David Jones was in Luxembourg to meet with the nation’s leaders, including finance minister Pierre Gramegna.The meeting seems to go against European Union demands the bloc’s Brexit negotiations should only be handled by Brussels bosses including Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt instead of individual member states.

EU member states explicitly agreed to avoid going it alone, while Luxembourg’s official government response insisted Britain must not be able to “cherry pick” during exit talks.

Pierre Gramegna, Jean-Claude Juncker and David JonesGETTY                Pierre Gramegna and David Jones met in secret in a move which will upset Jean-Claude Juncker

Brexit GETTY            Britain voted to leave the EU on June 23

The UK’s vice-minister for Brexit negotiations David Jones was in Luxembourg to meet with the nation’s leaders

But Mr Jones met with the finance minister, members of parliament and representatives of Luxembourg’s financial sector behind closed door on April 24, according to Luxemburger Wort.The meetings were not publicly announced and details have not emerged, however a spokesman for the ministry confirmed it saying: “Pierre Gramegna met David Jones on April 24 following an initiative by the British ambassador.

“The ambassador was present as well. The discussions included an exchange of views on the situation after Brexit and the pending negotiations.”

It also came just days before an EU summit where members discussed an agreement on a joint strategy for dealing with negotiations, whereby bloc members said they would not “undercut” the Union.

Pierre GramegnaGETTY         Pierre Gramegna was involved in the talks

The guideline stated: “Negotiations under Article 50 TEU will be conducted in transparency and as a single package.“Throughout these negotiations the Union will maintain its unity and act as one with the aim of reaching a result that is fair and equitable for all Member States and in the interest of its citizens.

“The Union will approach the negotiations with unified positions, and will engage with the United Kingdom exclusively through the channels set out in these guidelines and in the negotiating directives.

“So as not to undercut the position of the Union, there will be no separate negotiations between individual Member States and the United Kingdom on matters pertaining to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union.”

It comes after Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel previously sent a warning shot to Britain, saying: “They want to have their cake, eat it, and get a smile from the baker, but not the other things.

“There are European values which cannot be separated. No cherry-picking.”

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60 or 70 years ago, Campbell would be risking looking at the wrong end of a noose. He is shameless in his treachery. William Joyce was hanged for giving succour to the enemy. Serious consideration aught to be given to prosecuting these idiots that are determined to undercut Britain’s negotiations with Brussels. We should not be wasting our time talking to Brussels now. They just do not seem to understand that Brexit is going to happen. Campbell is right in one thing, it will take longer than March 2019 to finalise talks and we should just leave now and do… Read more »
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