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Euro MPs vote to take power BACK from Brussels in shock warning shot to meddling eurocrats

EURO MPs today voted to hand member states more power to cut through Brussels red tape in an historic warning shot to meddling eurocrats.

Members of the European Parliament backed a motion calling for significant reform of the way the bloc operates by an overwhelming 545 to 25.The historic move – an incredibly rare example of kickback against the all-powerful EU Commission – demonstrates the dawning realisation in Brussels that the project must reform or die.

Jean-Claude Juncker is president of the EU CommissionGETTY           Jean-Claude Juncker is president of the EU Commission

It comes after “democratic deficit” within the EU, typified by opaque decision making by unelected bureaucrats, played a prominent role in the campaign for Britain to leave the club.Under the proposals, put forward by Tory MEP Sajjad Karim, national governments would be granted much greater powers to scrutinise and block laws put forward by Jean-Claude Juncker’s army of pen-pushers.

Tory MEP Sajjad KarimSajjad Karim           Tory MEP Sajjad Karim put forward the proposals

They would ensure that that the Commission only follows through with legislation which has genuine European ‘added value’, meaning it covers issues that could not realistically be resolved on a country level.Examples of such scenarios include the fight against international terrorism, cracking down on global crime cartels and certain environmental policies where the bloc acting together is more effective than member states going it alone.

On top of that the proposals would increase the time limit that national parliaments have to decide whether action on individual policy areas is best taken at EU level or by national authorities.

And as part of the plans the number of member states raising concerns about legislation required to trigger an automatic review of its necessity – known as the yellow card system – would be slashed.

The EU Commission would also be required to automatically assess the impacts that any of its proposals would have on businesses and competitiveness in a bid to cut choking red tape.

The EU should not be afraid of working with national parliaments as it ultimately makes for better, more responsive legislation

Tory MEP Sajjad Karim

Mr Karim, an MEP for North West England who is part of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) grouping, said: “I am delighted that MEPs across Europe have once again supported measures to give national parliaments a greater ability to check the EU’s work.“ECR MEPs are leading the way in reforming the EU and reducing the democratic deficit. My report supports this reform agenda by promoting a greater respect for national parliaments.

“The EU should only act when it wouldn’t be better left to the national or regional level.”

He added: “My report underlines that it must also be sure that its actions do not create an unnecessary burden on small or medium sized businesses or damage competitiveness and if this is the case that they should be withdrawn.

“In order to have the most effective legislation, national parliaments must be able to give their opinion on proportionality, not just subsidiarity.

“The EU should not be afraid of working with national parliaments as it ultimately makes for better, more responsive legislation.”

The motion, whilst not legally binding, will put pressure on the Commission to reform its decision making processes and hand more accountability back to the democratically elected governments of the member states.

Mr Juncker has previously promised to significantly reduce the amount of red tape pumped out of the Berlaymont’s bureaucratic monster, saying he has “fought like a lion” against increased meddling.The EU chief said he does not want a Commission that regulates on the “flushing of toilets” and other pointless issues in people’s day to day lives, and pointed out he has cut the number of new initiatives it produces from 130 a year to just 23.

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As always: too little, too late


NF wants adult demands from the EU….I say tell them where to stick their ‘demands’….. nobody should be ‘demanding’ anything they should be talking like adults and putting forward plans for a speedy exit. The British do not take kindly to any demands or threats, especially from grey faced bureaucrats’. Have they learnt nothing from recent history, when the British bulldog feels threatened watch your back.


As usual NF blunt, forceful, and tells it as it is. A rare politician.
I wonder why(afaik) not one single EU politician has as yet explained how the ludicrous claim for UK to pay £billions to the EU can be justified. Where is an pre-condition of future negotiations contingent upon any such payments? Where does such an outrageous claim have any legal basis in any treaty?
One way in which we Brits can express our justified anger over this increasingly absurd organisation is to give both the Lib Dims and Labour a thorough kicking at this election.

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