Editorial: What more will it take before the remaining ‘Remainers’ come to their senses and see that Britain MUST leave the EU?

The Brexit vote split the United Kingdom on whether to leave the EU or remain in it.   The vote to leave was decided to a large extent by those old enough to remember life before joining the EEC under the guise of Britain joining only a trading bloc for mutual benefit.  However, they have seen the ever increasing politicisation of the edifice which has resulted in more and more of our right to self determination eroded year on year.

Many young people have grown up being educated by left-wing educationalists who have expounded the joys of travel across Europe and the largess of the EU in giving Britain grants whilst all the time failing to explain that we could could travel across Europe before we joined, albeit at the production of a passport at each border and we can do the same again.  As to the ‘largess’ of Europe, the educationalists failed to point out that the grants given to Britain were paid for by our own money, and what is more, the money could only be spent in the way that the EU decides.

Latest Polls

Many of those that voted to remain have at last realised that Britain must leave the EU.  The latest polls show that 68% of Britons now want the Government to get on with Brexit.  A new group has come to light of People that originally voted to remain in the EU but have come to see the bullying tactics of the EU in their true light and want none of it.  This new group have been dubbed the ‘Re-Leavers’.  However, it is not to these groups that I wish to address, it is the remaining 32% that still have not come around to the opinion of the even greater majority.


David Cameron with his disastrous ‘negotiations’ with the EU, among other ‘concessions’ was that the words; ‘Ever Closer Union’ would be removed from EU policy documents.

Mario Draghi, President of the ECB

Yet, we now hear that Mario Draghi, the Head of the European Central Bank, has been forced to admit that ‘the federalisation of Europe is the ultimate goal’.  More recently this week, Manuel Barroso, the former President of the EU Parliament has stated the ‘federalisation is inevitable’ in order to save the Euro currency.

Barroso states that federalisation won’t be happening soon but ever since the Lisbon Treaty there has been a creeping move towards an undeclared federalisation like a steady drip-drip of a tap in order to lull the population of Europe.  We have had a flag, a national anthem and a diplomatic service foisted upon us;  all the trappings of a Nation State.  There is much talk of tax harmonisation and now we hear that the EU is to accelerate the formation of its owned Armed Forces.  This only leaves the control of fiscal policy by the EU to complete all that is necessary to be a single Nation.

Before we all know it, federalisation will have come about completely by stealth leaving only the formal declaration of Federalisation.

768595_1.jpgGuy Verhofstadt

Some of you may have read the Spinelli Group’s ‘Fundamental Law’ proposal for a new replacement for all existing treaties.  The document has been with the European Treaty Change Committee for almost 2 years.  No announcements have been made one way or another, but Guy Verhofstadt, a prominent member of the Spinelli Group of Arch-Federalists within the EU Parliament repeatedly puts forward suggestions that are an integral part of the proposed treaty.

The treaty document: Fundamentallaw.pdf, is available for download from this website.  Among the proposals are that the (unelected) Commission should be reduced in size and become the ‘Government’ of the newly federalised European Union;  National Parliaments should be relegated to Regional Government and called ‘European Parliaments’;  Any EU Citizen can vote for and stand as an elected Officer in any General Election of the Country in which they are living and that the 6 month, rotating Presidency of the Council of Ministers will be abolished and a standing Chair be appointed (by the Commission) for a period of two and a half years at a time and thereby negating any advantage that member states have to influence the Council.

Pooling of debt

Another of the proposals in the Spinelli document is that existing National Debt be pooled.  This will mean that the service of debts of the poorer countries in the EU will be paid for by the richer countries from a central pool.  Just this week, it has been suggested that debt pooling takes place by the medium of ‘Eurobonds’ and that a European Finance Minister be appointed.

Eurobonds are just a subterfuge for the installation of debt pooling because it is the richer countries that will be buying them knowing that the bonds will never bear fruit or be repaid and with the appointment of a ‘European Finance Minister’; another large step towards federalisation by stealth.

The graph below illustrates the amounts contributed by each member state together with the amounts that they receive back in the way of grants.  It is easy to see who will be paying the ‘lion’s share’.  The graph is published by the EU itself as part of its 2015 Annual Report.

EU funding House of Commons Briefing Paper

There are supposedly 9 nett contributors to the EU budget but the above graph shows consistently that only 4 contributors are of any real consequence.  Germany with an average of 15 Billion Euros, followed by Britain with 9.5 Billion and then the Netherlands and Sweden with 4.5 and 2.5 Billion respectively.  The other 5 nett contributors have paid on average 1 Billion or less.

On the other hand, there are countries such as Poland who have been given around 15.5 Billion for an annual contribution of only 3.5 Billion.  Much more than twice as much as Greece although Poland is far too large for the EU to bully and subjugate as they have done to Greece.

The burden on the nett contributors will become ever greater as the policy of the EU is to allow mass migration from the poorest countries of the World.

Most would concede that it is the duty of the more well off countries to give humanitarian aid to countries in severe distress and it also generally conceded that Europe needs immigration to help pay for its ageing population as the birth rate for Europeans has been in decline for several decades.

However, the EU has given up any pretense that the massive immigration that it is receiving is on humanitarian grounds as around 80% of the migrants are young, single men who are economic migrants.  They are from cultural groups who historically have refused to integrate with their host nation.

Many of these migrants have involved themselves in crime and sexual assault, especially on women who they see as chattels and second class citizens.  An attitude that is an anathema to Western sensibilities.  Worse still, the EU is actively censuring news coverage of the violence though it is causing serious injury to many of the indigenous population.  They pretend it just is not happening.

By allowing the mass immigration by unskilled workers, it is not even helping the problem of caring for the ageing population as the majority are paying little or no taxes and will themselves become a further burden on pensions and infrastructure.

Though the EU Institutions are in considerable financial difficulty, the immediate cost of caring for these migrants is already horrendous.  Immigration to Germany alone since 2015 has cost them in excess of 50 Billion Euros and should migration continue at present levels, it would cost Germany, by their own estimate, 400 Billion Euros by 2025 and that is providing that they all get work and integrate.  It just is not going to happen.

Few can deny that the mass immigration is making the lives of Europeans more dangerous.  ISIS are known to have sent hundreds if not thousands of militant Islamists to Europe without any checks.  This has also accounted for the rise in ‘home-grown’ Islamic fundamentalism as  discontented young Islamic men are encouraged by the atrocities of those Islamic migrants who have brought terror to several cities in Europe.
Yet, the EU continues in its policy of actually ferrying migrants across from North Africa under the guise of ‘humanitarianism’ instead of turning the boats around and back to their point of departure and ever increasing the social unrest that is already prevalent in much of Europe to the point where the indigenous population are now excluded from parts of their own country where it is too dangerous to enter.
I know that there are many caring souls that suffer for the plight of those in need of sanctuary and that is commendable, but even the most soft hearted must at some stage understand that this could easily become the ‘norm’ in Europe and there are few that would be so sanguine should one of their own become a victim of this lawlessness.

More and more are coming to believe that Britain must leave the EU

Now, almost 7 in 10 people in Britain want the Government to get on with Brexit.  Not least because they have come to realise the vicious attitude of many  of the EU Bureaucrats that imply that they are ready to cut of their respective noses to spite their face when it comes to maintaining their ideology.

And it IS and ideology that drives them rather than for an altruistic desire for all the Peoples of Europe to prosper.  It has often been said that the European Union is closely emulating the old Soviet Union.  Though it has not been updated for some time, the frontispiece of my ebook:  ‘Democracy in a Federalised Europe’ (available for download on the site)  has a diagram comparing the structure of the EU with the old Soviet Union.  The parallels are very clear.  If you should download the animated version (for PC only) you will also see a video by the Russian dissident, Alexander Bukovsky where he exactly explains those parallels.

Though more and more of you ‘Remainers’ that are coming into the fold of Brexit, there will always be a very few of those ‘Internationalists’ that would wish to see a world government as was the wish of Monnet, Harold McMilland and Edward Heath that took us into to the EEC on the basis of a lie for their own Corporate benefit.  Please do not be one of these greedy die-hards that would sell their Country for a few pieces of silver.

Peter Brown

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Steve Tayler
Steve Tayler

As I see it. Sadly as you say many folk have been brainwashed over the years and the blinkers are on. Then there are the people Like Faron, Blair, Corbyn, Abbot, Sturgeon and the list goes on and on. These politicians obviously get kickbacks from the EU which we never joined, We joined the common market, only to find ourselves in the united (disunited now) states of Europe. But the Bias and BS corporation have been piling on the propaganda to remain, as they get money from the EU and are in effect one of the the propaganda arms of… Read more »


I think the collapse will come after the UK leaves, once other countries see how successful leaving will be others will follow. What I don’t understand is why EU citizens are not demanding why the EU has not accounted for the vast amounts of money it gets. To not have had their accounts signed off for around twenty years is an outrage, why are they being allowed to get away with it?

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