Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to ‘welcome thousands of unskilled workers into Britain’ leaked

A LEAKED Labour paper has revealed the party’s secret plans to allow thousands of unskilled workers to enter into the UK after Brexit, it has been reported.

The secret document, believed to have been written by Jeremy Corbyn’s immigration policy advisor Lachlan Stuart, revealed Labour has considered bringing back a previously scrapped visa scheme if it wins the General Election, according to the Daily Telegraph.The controversial policy could allow unskilled labourers to move to the UK after Brexit.The leaked five-page document reportedly outlines plans to reintroduce the tier three entry route which was scrapped under David Cameron in 2013.

Jeremy CorbynREUTERS/GETTY              Jeremy Corbyn during a live debate earlier this week refused to provide a figure on immigration

Jeremy CorbynREUTERS                Mr Corbyn was quizzed by audience members on Labour’s immigration policy

Plans to introduce a green card system – which would be automatically granted to EU nationals living in the UK – and scrapping financial restrictions on family visa are also said to be detailed in the Labour immigration paper.The alleged Labour document said: “We envisage a requirement to make continued use of the current five-tiered visa system, including the currently unused tier applicable to those seeking low-skilled, unskilled or seasonal work.”The numbers might go up or down but not as a consequence of these changes. We are not setting false, misleading, divisive targets.”

Leaked document

Slashing immigration is said not to be a priority for the embattled leader.The report continued: “Immigration is driven more by economic requirements of both migrant and host far more than it is regulated by systems of permit control.”The Labour paper also admitted that five huge new IT projects would be required to develop its immigration plans, but the programme remains uncosted.

The document added: ”It would be foolhardy to predict precise costs before we had the opportunity to examine the capacity of current software systems and took advice from experts and officials.”The leaked paper comes after Mr Corbyn refused to put a number on capped immigration during the live Battle for Number 10 debate on Monday evening.The Labour leader said: “I am not going to stand here and put a figure [on immigration].”Earlier Diane Abbott admitted that cutting migration would not be a priority for the party if it won the General Election.
She said: “We will not, as Theresa May has done, prioritise controlling immigration, not to say that we don’t believe we shouldn’t have fair rules and management or migration. We will prioritise the economy, that’s what will be different.”Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill told the Telegraph: “This leaked plan is the latest sign that Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott will never reduce immigration because they simply don’t believe in doing so.“Only Theresa May and her Conservative team will reduce immigration as we leave the EU while making sure our economy continues to attract the brightest and best workers it needs.”

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Clive Taylor-Sholl

Just what we need Corbyn, thousands of uneducated, low IQ unskilled workers, who refuse to integrate, work or speak the language, just to lower wages and the standard of living even further to his core supporters, to increase Big Business profits. He is insane,and that would of course put Dianne Abbott in charge of our NATIONAL SECURITY. Fantastic move, which has obviously taken a lot of thought to work that policy out ! Must remember to Vote Labour.

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