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Brussels ‘faces revolt’ as one in four people in the EU lives ‘on the verge of poverty’

BRUSSELS has admitted that one in four people inside the EU are on the verge of poverty, amid growing concerns that the European project faces years of instability.

One in four citizens inside the EU is living on the edge of poverty in a scathing assessment of the European project.There had been a hope among European Union officials that the election of French President Emmanuel Macron would reset the recent troubles surrounding the Brussels bloc.However, the statistics revealed at this week’s Brussels Economic Forum on the growing income inequality has shocked the European establishment.Despite a fall in unemployment across the bloc, a tenth of those in work earn below the poverty line.

JUNCKERGETTY                  The statistics revealed at Brussels Economic Forum has shocked the Europe’s establishment

GermanyGETTY                Merkel’s Germany had the worst rise in poverty among the richest countries

During this week’s forum on the state of the EU economy, discussions focused on the growing gap between the richest and poorest.The richest 20 per cent of those in the EU earn five times as much as those in the bottom 20 per cent of income.In a report from PressTV, the plight of poverty is rampant across the continent.Most worrying is the trend that one in ten full-time workers officially live in poverty, according to statistics from the European Commission.

Valdis Dombrovskis, who is the Vice-President of the European Comission, opened the forum by revealing that young people are the group most of risk of falling into poverty.

He went on to warn that even those in the wealthiest countries suffered a rise in poverty.

unemploymentGETTY                  Despite a fall in unemployment across the bloc, a tenth of those in work earn below the poverty line

We have more and more working poor in Europe

Expert at Brussels Economic Forum

In a shock development, Germany’s rise in poverty was the biggest among the major European countries.The rate of rising poverty in Angela Merkel’s country was three times that as in Italy and France.Alexander Stubb, the ex-Prime Minister of Finland, warned that Europe faces years of “popular revolt” at the election booths.He said: “We have an increase in the gap between income levels, growing perception of corruption, and a migration crisis.

“That is a recipe for chaos.”

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Can anyone tell me what is the point of the EU? It is just making the rich richer, just look at the Kinnock family for one and there are many like them….grown fat and rich off the backs of taxpayers whilst those taxpayers struggle to keep their heads above water, it is outrageous. Time to end this.

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