Editorial: The referendum vote for the UK to leave the European Union is being betrayed by both lying and inept politicians.


Once again, the People of the United Kingdom have been betrayed by politicians.

The referendum vote to leave the EU has been put in great jeopardy by both lying on the Labour side and a totally inept campaign by the Conservatives.

On the one hand, Jeremy Corbyn has played on the emotions of those that lean towards the left with a manifesto that is not only unaffordable, but also completely unacceptable in many ways to the EU in which he wishes Britain to stay.

The Conservatives on the other hand tried to make it a personal vote for Theresa May which in itself was a huge mistake, but also, they failed to make it plain to the Electorate just why Corbyn could not deliver on his manifesto promises.

The following extract from an email from Labour Leave pretty much says it all:

A great night for Labour, but Brexit is now looking far from a certainty. The Conservatives have failed to secure a majority, and are seeking a coalition government with the DUP – who favour a ‘soft’ Brexit, which isn’t really Brexit at all.

The DUP will hold the power – without their agreement, the Conservatives do not have a majority and cannot govern. The price of DUP support will be soft Brexit.
The Labour manifesto, which caused such an upset last night, could not be fully implemented if we either stayed in the EU or opted for a ‘soft Brexit’. EU rules would forbid the full renationalisation of either rail or utilities; they must be ‘markets’.

EU rules on state aid would render any sort of active industrial policy impossible. Free movement of labour would hinder any efforts to either resolve the housing crisis or increase low end wages for working people.

And most critically, ‘soft’ Brexit would mean the UK not regaining its sovereignty – the number one reason given by Leave voters. Britain would remain under the jurisdiction of the Brussels institutions and courts. This would be a clear breach of a democratic referendum.

Brexit has never looked in more danger. Remainers have got the chance they’ve always longed for. Without a very concerted effort, the referendum result will not be respected.

Theresa-May-794046.jpgTheresa May has fallen into the trap of so many Prime Ministers in believing that they are omnipotent in their thinking.  In her overdeveloped ego, she began to believe that all of the praise laid upon her during the past few months had basis in fact.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  She was a totally inept Home Secretary and now as Prime Minister she has thrown away the advantage of a majority given to the Conservatives  by the Electorate in the 2015 General Election.

She has tried to portray herself as ‘a bloody difficult woman’ and she is right.  However, she is not a steadfast Leader with a vision as she wished to portray herself, she is merely stubborn and wants only her own way whilst ignoring the advice of others.  Margaret Thatcher was a similar person but the difference being, Thatcher was actually capable and May, most decidedly, is not.

I have no doubt that she will resign within a short time.  I believe that Brexit was going to be her ‘swan song’ and wanted to retire in a blaze of glory. but now, her position is untenable and she will leave in ignominy despised by both the Electorate that voted for her and by her colleagues in Government.

It will be impossible for her to hold her position without the respect of her Cabinet who will surely lay the blame, quite rightly, on her for losing the majority that they had before the election.

May’s ego decided her on an election campaign which featured her rather than on collective Party policy.  It was a grave mistake.

The Conservative manifesto was not altogether a bad one and despite some unpopular measures, should easily have been enough to defeat Corbyn.

However, Corby has the art of rabble-rousing and created fervour in his supporters by promising the Earth even though his policies could neither be afforded nor allowed under EU rules which, currently, it looks like we will still be in thrall to.

The whole Conservative campaign should have been devoted to showing the Electorate just how ludicrous were Corbyn’s plans.

There is now every possibility that Britain will not get the Brexit voted for, but some sort of hybrid that will involve staying within the EU and the ECJ to one degree or another.

The only possible thing that she could do to mitigate the damage she has done would be to ‘ennoble’ Nigel Farage in her ‘resignation honours’ and bring him in as ‘Exit’ Minister and promote David Davis to Foreign Secretary to replace the bumbling Boris Johnson.

I would also call upon Jacob Rees Mogg to put himself forward as a candidate for Prime Minister for the sake of the Country.  He is well respected across the House and is also an expert in Parliamentary procedure.

I would also call upon members of the other Parties that have favoured the Brexit that was voted for and assist the Government in putting forward policies that are right for Brexit.

Considerable damage has been done to Britain by May’s ineptness and it will require considerable talent to mitigate some of the damage.

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John Bailey
John Bailey

I agree.

Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Just when one thinks it couldn’t get any worse…….bring in Nigel Farage NOW.

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