700 EU laws introduced in Britain since EU referendum – and 1,200 expected before Brexit

SEVEN-HUNDRED laws from the European Union have been introduced in Britain since the Brexit vote – adding to the estimated 19,000 EU regulations, directives and other rules already embedded in UK law.

Brexit will cause new review of thousands of laws GETTY              Brexit will lead to Parliament having to review thousands of EU laws in the UK

Britain is set to officially break from the bloc in March 2019, but years of complications could follow when directives are untangled.The Government will need to decide which legislation to keep, and which to throw out, after Brexit.

Before the leave date an estimated 1,260 rules might be embedded in British law.

UK Parliament will review EU laws after Brexit dayGETTY               Parliament will face the mammoth task of reviewing EU laws in the UK

While we’re negotiating an exit [from the EU], the amount of legislation arising out of our membership is increasing all the time

Daniel Greenberg

Daniel Greenberg, counsel for domestic legislation in the House of Commons, said: “While we’re negotiating an exit [from the EU], the amount of legislation arising out of our membership is increasing all the time.“More water is flowing into the tub at the same time as we are getting ready to pull the plug.”

On average, 60 EU regulations and directives were brought in every month since June 2016, the legal division of Thomson Reuters has claimed.

If continued at this pace, there will be a further 1,260 European laws applied in the UK when the Brexit deadline hits.

Thomson Reuters advised laws are spread over a huge variety of issues impacting British society, from North Korea sanctions to deep-sea fish stocks in the Atlantic.EU law will cease to apply to the UK with the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 – one day after Brexit – as set out in a white paper on the Government’s planned Great Repeal Bill.

Parliament will then have the huge task of deciding what goes -and what stays – in a mammoth task.

Theresa May is leading Britain into the EU divorceGETTY            Theresa May is leading Britain into Brexit after UK referendum on membership of the bloc

Mr Greenberg said: “The challenge for the Government’s Brexit teams is to complete the task [of exiting the EU] by March 29 2019, with the body of EU law growing all the time, and with the final desired outcome depending on the constantly shifting expected shape of the deal.”

A spokesman for the Brexit department, said: “We have been clear that we are a full member of the European Union until the day we leave and will continue to respect the rights and obligations of EU membership and engage with day-to-day EU business.”

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after triggering article 50, why don’t we just ignore them? fewer to get rid of when the time comes!

Edith Ricketts

We could just repeal The European Communities Act or ,as you suggest, just ignore all new ‘laws ‘ emanating from Brussels.

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