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Unelected Lords warned not to ‘overstep the mark’ and interfere in Brexit by raging MP

A LABOUR MP warned the House of Lords not to “overstep” the mark and attempt to block Brexit legislation.

By DARREN HUNTMP John Mann warns Lords ‘not to overstep’ on Brexit deals
John Mann sent a warning to peers in the House of Lords telling them not to block Brexit legislation.The MP also suggested that the House of Lords could likely see reform over the next parliament.

Speaking on BBC’s Daily Politics, he said the Lords had to be very careful when dealing with Brexit legislation.

He fumed: “I think the likelihood of Lord’s reform is very high if this parliament lasts long enough for legislation to start taking place.

John Mann, Theresa May and House of LordsGETTY•BBC                John Mann warned the House of Lords not to interfere in Brexit

“The idea that unelected Lords could overturn decisions of the Commons that were in line with a Labour manifesto, that were in line with the referendum, that the majority of the country voted for, would be an anathema to most people.

“It’s going to need quite some finesse and skill in the Lords for them to play their role appropriately.

“If they do they will certainly have considerable influence but if they overstep the mark, I think that is going to come back very very quickly on what authority they are overturning.”

If they overstep the mark, I think that is going to come back very very quickly

John Mann

It had been feared the unelected Lords would attempt to block new laws in an attempt to keep the UK in the customs union and single market.Mrs May has pledged to “seek to build a wide consensus” on Brexit negotiations amid calls for her to soften her plans.

She promised to work with “anyone in any party” in the national interest on Brexit and other issues.

The Prime Minister added: “Not every problem can be solved by an act of Parliament but it is a step forward to building a more compassionate, united and confident nation.”

Speaking later on Daily Politics, the leader of the opposition in the House of Lords told Andrew Neil that they would not interfere in Brexit legislation.

Baroness Smith said: “I have made very clear, we observe the primacy of the Commons.“But if the Prime Minister doesn’t get exactly what she wants out of the House of Commons, the Government cannot then try and use the House of Lords or abuse the House of Lords to do what the Government wants.

“We have to look at the primacy of the Commons and not the executive.”

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the illiberals are the problem-100 Lords with only a few seats in the Commons. Blame Cameron for sucking up to them when in coaltion.

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