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Ireland to LEAVE the EU? DUP MP urges Britain’s closest neighbours to follow Brexit

THE REPUBLIC of Ireland should realise it can do “far better” outside of the EU as costs will rise following Brexit, a DUP MP has declared.

Ian Paisley Jr, the son of the DUP’s founder, believes ‘Irexit’ could be on the cards when Ireland realises the benefits of “our common citizenship”.Mr Paisley said: “Post-Brexit the Republic of Ireland will be required to pay even more to make up for the UK leaving the EU.“I would say that all of the trading issues between the Republic of Ireland and the UK show very, very clearly that the Republic of Ireland can do far better by leaving the EU along with the UK.

Ian Paisley and Jean–Claude JunckerGETTY            The DUP MP claimed Brexit could hit Ireland hard and they might be better off joining the UK

“I hope that the Republic of Ireland gets that message, gets it loud and clear and recognises that it can do more for our common citizenship by doing that and by leaving the EU along with us.”The Irish government has said it is demanding “special status” for Northern Ireland after Brexit.Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney said an unprecedented “political solution” was needed to keep the status quo and an effectively invisible frontier.Mr Coveney said: “What we are insisting on achieving is a special status for Northern Ireland that allows the interaction on this island, as is currently the case, to be maintained.
“It is not so much about a soft or hard border, it is about an invisible border effectively, that you don’t notice as you cross it.“To achieve that, we need to draw up a political solution here as well as technical and practical one, which doesn’t really have any precedent in the European Union.”

Last month the head of the country’s biggest business body, Ibec, said flexibility is needed for his country or an Irish EU exit could be on the cards.Danny McCoy warned state aid, fiscal rules and a common consolidated corporate tax base would be on a list of issues on which compromise would be demanded.Mr McCoy told the Irish Independent: “We want to stay in the EU 27, but the costs of us staying in the EU 27 could be very heavy if the EU 26 don’t allow us the capacity to stay in and compete.”

Simon CoveneyGETTY           Coveney claimed a unique deal will be needed to protect the Irish border

It follows the plea from the Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar, that the UK stay in the EU. He said the Republic of Ireland did not want the UK to leave the EU, the single market or the customs union.Speaking in Brussels last week he said leaving the EU was a matter for the UK, but added that its position “may change”.Taoiseach Varadkar said: “Countries can take positions, often very strong positions, they are often negotiating positions, and yet the final outcome might be more favourable.

Leo VaradkarGETTY                The Irish PM said he wanted the UK to remain in the EU

“While Britain says it intends to leave the customs union and the single market, it also says it wants a free trade agreement – and many elements of that free trade agreement might be very similar to the customs union.”Theresa May has been accused of threatening peace in Northern Ireland, after reaching a £1billion deal with the DUP to prop up her minority Government.

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If the Irish know what’s good for them, they will leave the EU on the same day that Britain does.

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