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Whilst it has historically been the policy of this site to refrain from Party Politics, we believe that the time has come to make a positive Statement.

Britain is in grave danger of losing out on the referendum vote to leave the EU by a continuous barrage of  lies and obfuscation from the Remainers and the EU together with the total incompetence if not deliberate sabotage by the Prime Minister.

Theresa May has continuously undermined various members of her Cabinet in the past in her weakness in trying to appease all of the minority groups and her disastrous decision to call a General Election when she already had a good working majority has seriously weakened Britain’s negotiating position.

There is a large school of thought that she may have done so deliberately.  Not only did she fight the General Election on behalf of the Conservatives by making it a ‘Personality’ thing with her picture plastered all over campaign posters and her ‘battle bus’ as a ‘safe pair of hands’, she did so when so many of the Electorate were either openly hostile to her ability or, at the very least unsure of her motives.

Despite ‘personalising’ the campaign, she refused to take part in televised debates which offended many and also gave the impression that she was ‘frit’ to do so without having the Conservative benches behind her to give her backing.  Hardly the personification of a ‘safe pair of hands’ if she found herself unable to debate the issue in the public domain.

She then proceeded to publish a disastrous manifesto for the Conservative Party in which she alienated so many of her potential ‘core’ voters.  Whilst barely mentioning ‘Brexit’, she and Hammond advocated a series of policies that would financially effect many of the ‘Grey vote’ and this was soon after having to backtrack furiously after Hammond’s politically suicidal attempt to increase the costs to small businesses (another major core vote group) in their employment contributions.

Her proposed alterations to what was inevitably dubbed the ‘Dementia Tax’ was in fact a better deal than the existing in which only £23,000 was capped should a patient be taken into care and have to sell their home.  In fact, she increased the cap to more than 4 times the amount to £100,000 but such was the backlash to her other policies, even this policy was seen in the eye of the voter as yet another tax.   It showed very poor political ‘savvy’ on her part to introduce what would normally have been a positive step at such a time when her whole policy was open to scrutiny in an election.

Since the Election, the general impression is that May is ready to make more and more concession to the EU in an effort to hang on to her job instead of doing the honourable thing and ‘fall on her sword’ for her disastrous handling of an unnecessary General Election.

It is also suspicious that she had already made overtures to the DUP to form a coalition even before the General Election results were all in.  It would have been far more prudent to await the result and then take a consensus among the Eurosceptic members of the other parties in order to find a majority for the Brexit process.  In fact, had she taken the time, she would have realised that her effective minority was considerably reduced to only around 6 as Sinn Fein never attended Parliament as they refused to take the oath of Allegiance and it is more than likely that the Eurosceptic members of other parties would have supported her in Brexit matters.

The fact is; May is ‘damaged goods’ and can no longer be relied upon to control the various factions within her Cabinet, let alone her Party.

There is considerable thought that she should resign and is openly being discussed in the Conservative Party and there is only a matter of time before she is forced to leave.  The only concern is the timing of her leaving.  The general comment made is that she should be allowed to stay only whilst the Brexit negotiations are underway.  We believe that she should go before Britain goes too far into the negotiations as a truly Eurosceptic Prime Minister may have to ‘tear up’ all of the points already discussed as they are far too generous, even at this early stage, to the EU.

We believe that Britain needs a Prime Minister that is competent and knowledgeable.

We believe that Jacob Rees Mogg would fit that role admirably.

He is a Parliamentary protocol expert, erudite and in his mild manner, very forceful and would ensure that the majority of the British People had their wish as voted for in the referendum as he is a confirmed Eurosceptic.  We also believe that David Davis be promoted to Foreign Secretary as a more viable person rather than the bumbling Boris Johnson.  Should Mogg be made Prime minister, perhaps he should also consider rewarding Nigel Farage by ‘ennobling’ him to enable Farage to become a member of the Government with special duties towards Brexit.  Like him or loathe him, nobody can deny that Farage not only made Brexit possible but has the unsurpassed experience of the workings of the EU and the will help to ensure the best deal for Britain in negotiations.

There is currently a petition calling for his election at, we recommend that you visit the site and add your name to the petition.


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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Signed and shared on facebook. We need to get this sorted, we plan to come back to the UK in a year so please folks stop old blighty from being sold down the river AGAIN!

CA Dark
CA Dark

A highly regarded man and one of the few genuine “for the people” politicians that we have. In these dire times, honourable men are ignored, but many believe JRM is a man waiting to “happen”….we hope he will happen very soon!


signed. I am not sure he would want the job though.

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