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‘We’re more eurosceptic than the UK!’ Dutch MP savages ‘failing’ European Union

A DUTCH MP has dealt the European Union a blow, insisting there is still life in the eurosceptic movement to carry out their own Brexit referendum.

Leaders in Brussels feared they could be dealt a devastating blow in populist Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders won the Dutch election in March, but he was defeated by pro-European candidate Mark Rutte.Speaking to the PanAm Post, Mr Baudet hinted EU leaders should not be resting on their laurels when it comes to the Netherland’s membership of the political project.

The Dutch MP said: “Do we need a  that, with so many things not in order in its present form, continues to expand and enlarge its scope and take on more responsibilities, and take on a role in a geostrategic conflict that is going on in the Ukraine that is very, very complicated?

“Do we really need our EU to do that, or can we as national states with these issues much better?

Nigel Farage and Dutch MPGETTY•PANAM POST              A Dutch MP claimed the Netherlands is more eurosceptic than the UK

The euro currency is destroying the economies in the south

Thierry Baudet

“Well, that was certainly the view that the Dutch voters took, and again we had an almost two-thirds majority ‘No’ vote on this.“So again we will see a very eurosceptic population in the Netherlands and the apex of that was reached two and a half months ago when the opinion polls showed that 56 per cent of the Dutch preferred a future for their country outside the EU. These figures are higher than the  vote.”

Mr Baudet expressed his displeasure at the bloc’s economic policy, claiming member states’ economies are not working together under the EU’s umbrella.

He added: “The euro currency is destroying the economies in the south, and it’s also very bad for the economies and pensions savings in the north.

“The open borders do not work. The system of regulation that strangles our economies is not working; it’s not flexible enough for all our different economies of the European Union.“We should talk to each other. We should be good friends and good neighbours, but not part of a continental superstructure.”

Hitting out at pro-European leaders across the Continent, Mr Baudet said: “They are national leaders but are really aiming for the next step, and that is one of the problems we have in the Netherlands.

“I think it’s the case in almost all European countries. Our political leaders are not representatives of the people in our capitals, they are representatives of Brussels in our capitals.”

The current prime minister of the Netherlands, Mr Rutte has called on Britain to forget its ideas of completely leaving the EU and remain a member of the single market.Speaking in Brussels, he said: “I am an anglophile, the Netherlands is extremely well connected to the United Kingdom, you are one of our beloved partners, I hate Brexit from every angle.”

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