If May and the Government were honest about leaving the EU, this is the plan that they should follow in its entirety.

Although this website is generally non-Partisan, it recognises that the UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten is one of the most informed members of the European Union Parliament and has a long history of informing the British Electorate of what is wrong with the European Union.

He is the author of most of the UKIP videos and written publications and has achieved a considerable reputation for his clear and understandable method of communication.

He is the author of UKIP’s Exit plan for exiting the EU and is included for download in the ‘Guest Blogs’ section of our website (

The document explains in a well laid out and understandable manner how it is not only the European Union that is misleading us in the manner of Britain leaving the EU but, more importantly, how the Government appears to be deliberately appearing to be working towards ‘Brexit’ but is, in effect, working to keep us under the influence of EU ‘jurisprudence’ despite Theresa May’s proclaimed ‘red line’ that Britain should not be subject any longer to the rulings of the ECJ.

The Plan also reiterates many points made in an earlier article on this website ( that May refuses to acknowledge that the ‘Article 50’ route is a trap designed by the EU to keep us in their thrall in order to give them time to engineer the reversal of the referendum result as they have done with all other National Referenda that they did not like.

It is interesting to note that during the break up of the Soviet Union, the USSR used a similar Article in their treaty to try to prevent its member’s secession but were unsuccessful as all 15 Member States declared that their Treaty of Accession were illegal and therefore, null and void and completely ignored the relevant article and declared their States to be immediately, independent entities.

Britain has exactly the same opportunity but our duplicitous politicians refuse to use it or even acknowledge the existence such grounds.

We urge all those with the stamina to download and absorb the document.  It is quite a revelation to the uninformed.

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

So is this document going to be flagged up for all to see? Every person who voted to leave needs to read this and demand that the Article 50 route be dropped now. I have started to read it, it will take a few visits to read it all, and it is no surprise that Article 50 was constructed to make leaving almost impossible. Thanks for posting this it needs to be out there for all leavers to see.

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