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This site is being closed down completely on 24th December, 2018

Although I have not been well enough to continue to run the site on a daily basis, I had intended to leave it online for the occasional article but mainly as a reference document. However, spammers have managed to latch onto one of the email accounts associated with this site and is using it to run 'pirate' sites and I am not sufficiently 'expert' to get rid of them. I am no longer prepared to pay for internet providers in order to increase the traffic of spammers¬† and so it is with great regret that I am closing my account with them. I have kept a copy of the site coding if anyone wishes to take on the mantle, but they will have to get rid of the spammers first else the site will be blacklisted.¬† I can be contacted at peter.brown@theunituk.org.uk until the account closes.  

I wish to thank everyone that has supported the site over the years and I wish you all well in the future.