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‘We won’t help you’ German industry prepared to lose UK trade to protect EU

THE president of the federation of German industry has warned his country will prioritise protecting the single market over securing a good Brexit deal for Britain.

Dieter Kempf, head of the BDI, said it was the UK’s responsibility “to limit the damage on both sides of the Channel”.He told the Observer: “Defending the single market, a key European project, must be the priority for the European Union. Europe must maintain the integrity of the single market and its four freedoms: goods, capital, services, and labour.

“It is the responsibility of the British government to limit the damage on both sides of the Channel.

“Over the coming months, it will be extraordinarily difficult to avert negative effects on British businesses in particular.”

Merkel GETTY            German industry bosses have warned Britain is alone in negotiating a good Brexit deal

The views of two of Germany’s leading industrialists will come as a blow to Brexit negotiators hoping Berlin would work to ensure the UK’s final post-Brexit deal with the EU was a favourable one.

And it comes after an EU expert warned the bloc’s surprise resurgance had given Brussels the upper hand in negotiations.

John Peet, a former civil servant for the Foreign Office, predicted Britain will “change its tune” on the EU sooner rather than later.

He added: “We are moving into a position where the EU and eurozone will grow faster than the UK, which will impact the Brexit negotiations themselves.”

Today Prime Minister Theresa May said she was optimistic of getting a good EU deal following bilateral talks at the G20 summit in Hamburg.

theresa may GETTY            Theresa May says she is optimistic of a good Brexit deal following the G20 summit

She said: “Britain has always been a great trading nation and as we leave the EU we will seize the exciting opportunity to strike deals with old friends and new partners.“I have held another a number of meetings with other leaders and have been struck by their strong desire to form new bilateral trading relations with the UK after brexit.

“This is a powerful vote in confidence in British goods, British services Britain’s economy and British people and we look forward to building on these conversations in the months ahead.”

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Just shows the mentality of these people to even articulate this, we all know that Germany needs to continue exporting to the UK like a fish needs water.

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