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Why keep EU? Parliamentarian says votes don’t mean anything

After all, Britain voted for Brexit last year, which sent shock waves into all of the progressive, globalist enclaves around the world.

Interviewed by Botkin was Ray Finch, a U.K. member of the European Parliament, who proceeds to blast the international organization as a dictatorial machine in which elected representatives have no power.

He points out members cannot introduce or change legislation.

“We sit there, wave our hands, make speeches. We never change things,” he confirms.

And he describes how the EU originally was sold to voters as a bill if goods: It was represented as a trading bloc when, in fact, it was intended all along to create an “empire,” “run by and for the needs of the mega-businesses.”

Melanie Phillips, journalist and author of “Londonistan,” told Botkin the EU is “power without accountability,” and Simon Heffer, another author and journalist, confirmed the farce, saying elected representatives to the EU are “fundamentally pointless.”

But even without that representation, the EU has generated 40,000 laws, 15,000 court verdicts and 62,000 international standards.

Botkin documents the post-Brexit vote struggle of British voters – indeed of tens of millions of Europeans – to throw off what they see as the outright tyranny of the European Union.

Right now, mighty historic winds are blowing in Europe, with a de facto Islamic invasion awakening millions to their almost-lost Christian values and civilization, and the historic trip of President Trump, weighing in powerfully on the side of faith, family and freedom.

Botkin writes in WND today that, while the Brexit vote stunned the world, the reasons soon became apparent.

“The British had discovered the EU to be a sneaky political dictatorship dressed-up to look like a democratic institution. It was fully intent on undermining British sovereignty and, most painfully, national security. Islamic migrants were literally killing the British, and the EU ordered the British to open its borders wider to take in more.”

The fight continues today, he said, with a major surge of interest during Trump’s visit to Europe, including to Poland, where he spoke of “fighting” for “civilization” and for “God” – “the three concepts which cannot and must not exist in the world of the European Union,” Boktin said.

“Those forbidden ideas have now been affirmed as virtuous national characteristics and aspirations. The enthusiastic agreement across Eastern and Central Europe poses a direct threat to the EU program.”

He wrote: “President Trump dared to quote Polish hymnology and affirmed the impulse ‘We want God.’ When he said Americans and other Europeans also pursue this cultural impulse, he confirmed the nationalistic aspirations of millions who are stuck in the hyper-secular world of political correctness and national suicide, but who want to break free.

Botkin wrote: “Historians may remember the summer of 2017 as the moment when the anti-democratic, anti-nation agenda of the EU was disrupted, and when the momentum for a secular ‘European project,’ was halted. From this week forward Europe may be speaking the language of independence and liberty, talking about the will to survive as a civilization.”

The rebellion already has begun, with prime ministers such as Poland’s Beata Szydło announcing, “We are not going to take part in the madness of the Brussels elite.”

And in the Hungarian Parliament, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated the conflict more plainly.

“Brussels,” he said, “is openly on the side of terrorists.”

And, Botkin wrote, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico is calling on all of Europe to reject the EU narrative on refugees.

“We will not assist in this folly with arms opened wide with the notion that we will accept them all regardless of whether they are economic migrants or not. We must start telling the truth about migration.”

Botkin quoted Orban’s comments on the battle: “The time has come to prevent the destruction of Europe, and to save the future of Europe. To this end, regardless of party affiliation, we call on every citizen of Hungary to unite, and we call on every European nation to unite.”


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Margeret Robinson
Margeret Robinson

How on earth can we get through to the european nations that it does not have to be this way. If the whole peoples of the europe stood up to the eu we could force change to a union of nations trading together. Its not just for us but for the whole of the eu that brexit must be a success. If the remainers were not so stupid they would recognise that this change is possible but quite possible only brexit can make it happen. Brexit will give courage to the peoples of europe to demand this change

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