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Post Brexit Britain’s economy will FLOURISH, Spanish business bosses say

SPANISH business tycoons insisted the UK will flourish post-Brexit as an independent nation.

Spain-economy-Brexit-city-businessGETTY          Bi-lateral trade between the nations stands at £40bn

A delegation of business leaders, in London to coincide with King Felipe and Queen Letizia’s state visit, made the positive remarks at a UK-Spain business forum event at Mansion House.The group compared the opportunity the UK has to that of the booming Asian economies, such as Singapore.

Factors which currently make the UK an attractive place to do business will continue to make it a lucrative location for investors, they said.

Gerard Lopez, president of the IT firm Plexus, said: “The economy, its geographic location and a currency that is respected could make the UK the hub that has the advantages of being an accepted trade partner to the EU and the US.

Spain-economy-Brexit-city-businessGETTY              The group compared the opportunity the UK has to that of the booming Asian economies

And Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete Lopex, chief executive of Telefonica, echoed his peer’s comments.

 Spain-economy-Brexit-city-businessGETTY               They made the remarks at a UK-Spain business forum event at Mansion House

There’s a role to be played as a quasi-independent

Gerard Lopez

He claimed the rules of technological innovation will be rewritten over the next few years, and the UK “can be at the forefront of that”.Spain, the UK’s ninth-largest export market, pours more of its outward investment back into Britain than any other country.

Bi-lateral trade between the nations stands at £40bn.

Their visit built on relations made by Spain and Britain’s royal families.

The King and Queen of Spain were entertained by the Queen and Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry in ceremonies stuffed with grandeur and pomp during their three day visit.

But Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI’s visit to Buckingham Palace was marred with tensions over Gibraltar.

Spain-economy-Brexit-city-businessGETTY            Their visit built on relations made by Spain and Britain’s royal families

Spain repeatedly claims the Rock should be theirs, despite it being under British rule.In a speech to the House of Commons, King Felipe said: “I am certain that this resolve to overcome our differences will be even greater in the case of Gibraltar, and I am confident that through the necessary dialogue and effort our two governments will be able to work towards arrangements that are acceptable to all involved.”

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

The people of Gibraltar have always voted to remain part of the UK, so it does not matter what the King of Spain says, his comments on this subject are irrelevant.

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