‘The line has been drawn!’ Brexit negotiations STANDOFF as Brussels make HUGE legal demand

BREXIT talks are veering towards a stand-off with Brussels refusing to back down on a huge judicial demand.

With negotiations set to resume next week, the  (EU) has warned “a line has been drawn” over the future of the European Court of Justice in Britain.Brussels wants the court to retain jurisdiction on cases which begin before the United Kingdom officially leaves the bloc, a demand Theresa May and her  ministers oppose.

The European Commission said push back from Britain had merely “reinforced” their position.

The line has been drawn and it’s not going to move

EU official

They said in a statement: “The United Kingdom’s withdrawal as such does not deprive the Court of Justice of its competence to adjudicate in proceedings which are pending on the withdrawal date.”A Commission official added: “The line has been drawn and it’s not going to move. If anything we reinforced our position.”

The UK yesterday set out its own position, noting the need for a “smooth and orderly end to the jurisdiction”.

Brexit negotiationsGETTY              The EU say the ECJ must have jurisdiction over cases which begin before Brexit

The position paper put forward added: “Discussion of the treatment of pending cases should take into account the interests of those who have taken cases.”They conceded: “The UK recognises that beyond a certain point in proceedings, where considerable time and resources have been invested in CJEU proceedings, it may well be right that such cases continue to a CJEU decision.”

Brexit negotiationsGETTY              David Davis said Brexit would make UK courts ‘supreme’ again

David Davis said Britain’s approach is a “sensible” one which will make the country’s courts “supreme”.The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union said: “By ending the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union, U.K. courts will be supreme once more.

“Our sensible approach to pending cases means there would be a smooth and orderly transition to when the court no longer has jurisdiction in the U.K.”A spokesperson for the Commission would not be drawn on the specifics negotiations and merely said: “We are ready.”

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Edith Ricketts

I totally agree with the comments made by brexit121 and Jane Davies. It is obvious that negotiations will get us
nowhere so we should just leave now and not pay Brussels another penny.


Peter. The ECJ may well continue to interfere in the Brexit process in the final analysis, as explained to my own MP in the following: I would be interested in any comment from you or other on the site. To. Mr Julian Sturdy MP (York Outer) Dear Mr Sturdy. I am forwarding two comments in the British print media today of which you may not be aware, the first of which concerns a possible judgment by the ECJ on the outcome of a future settlement with the EU, and the serious consequences which an adverse judgment would have as a… Read more »


I think it has to be walk away time now. I do not see any other choice now they have drawn a line in the sand. So they have caused the stalemate and we can no longer reach an agreement. These ridiculous demands are just trying it on and see if we will wear it. No mater what happens we have to leave, so now would be a great time for a clean break. Then they can negotiate with us under WTO rules as an independent nation when they get over themselves and realise they have cut of their noses… Read more »

Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Why is the government wasting more time on this……just walk away and save British taxpayers money. Enough already!

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