Lawyers for Britain need our help.

I do not donate to any of the Brexit Campaign groups because, quite frankly, they are not doing anything more than disseminating knowledge of what is going on with regard to Brexit than this site does except, perhaps, they have a wider circulation.  I have far better uses for my money than to help pay for nothing more than propaganda when what is needed is direct action.

Below is appended a copy of one of the regular emails that I get from Lawyers for Britain.   Lawyers for Britain are a group of volunteers who number within their ranks a number of both working and retired Senior Lawyers and Judges.  You may remember that they got leave to intervene in Gina Millers High Court action which influenced the decision by three of the Judges to side on the case for Brexit.

Lawyers for Britain are the best hope for Brexit as Government Lawyers cannot be trusted to comply completely with the mandate given to the Government by the EU Referendum simply because Lawyers for Britain believe in Brexit and removing us completely from the thrall of the European Union.

They continue to work for us since the High Court case on various other aspects of Brexit including advising the Government that there is a perfectly valid legal case for not paying any exit fees to the EU.  By using the link given above, you can go to their website and see the projects that they have completed and the ones that they are still working on.

I am going to donate a few quid using one of the links in the below email because I know that the money will not be used for useless posters or paying salaries as the LfB website and all of their work behind the scenes is done by volunteers.

Lawyers for Britain are probably the one most important organisations that we have to fight our side to achieve a clean break from the EU and I hope that if you can afford a few quid, that you will also donate to help them in their endeavours.


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** Future Projects – an Appeal
Dear Supporter,

At Lawyers for Britain we have been very active – some would say frenetically active – over the last few weeks. Following the General Election result, there have been renewed attempts by Remainers to push for various forms of “Brexit in name only”, according to which this country would remain for years, or even indefinitely, subject to control by Brussels and by the Luxembourg Court of our laws and international trade. These suggestion would deprive the UK of the benefits of Brexit, and have needed to be countered.

At the same time, the Article 50 negotiations and the EU (Withdrawal) Bill have thrown up a lot of important issues where our legal insight is vitally needed.

The work we have done recently, and the work which is currently underway or projected over the coming months is listed on the Projects page ( on our website.

To keep all this work going and to make it more effective, we need (1) money and (2) volunteers. We believe that the work we do is of the highest quality, but we need some money to project our conclusions and solutions more effectively to the media, opinion formers and the public. We need to upgrade our website, improve the format and editing of our publications, run seminars on crucial subjects, and improve our communications with the media.

Gina Miller was able to raise hundreds of thousands from recalcitrant Remainers in a crowd funding campaign, though most of this money seems to have been wasted or mis-spent. We hope to raise much more modest sums through our own crowd funding campaign, but to spend it very much more effectively. Please donate to us via GoFundMe:

** DONATE via GoFundMe (

If you prefer to send a cheque or donate directly to our bank account, please email Admin ( for the posting address for cheques or for our bank account details.

Volunteers Needed

In addition to the many interesting and valuable projects listed on our Projects page ( , there are other valuable projects we could undertake with the help of volunteers with the time and enthusiasm to do the work. So please notify us (email to Admin ( or to myself at C ( hair ( ) if you are interested either in helping with an existing project, or if you have an idea for a useful project which you would like to contribute to.

With best regards,

Martin Howe
Email (

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Clive Taylor-Sholl

Lawyers for Britain are certainly a wonderful Organisation, and as this article states all the Brexit Campaign is doing at present, is renegotiating our Membership. We will still be members but under slightly different terms and conditions, possibly to our detriment. The insanity of these Remainers is beyond my understanding. Why do they want to be part of a dictatorship, controlled by a power grabbing Federal State demanding total surrender? I would be happy to contribute to this cause. My passion to leave this Political Union is TOTAL.

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