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Voters don’t want ‘stable’ they want a dynamic leader pushing Brexit says Jacob Rees-Mogg

EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Rees-Mogg has slated the Tory’s election campaign as he revealed the disastrous outcome was a repetition of history which could easily have been avoided.

The Conservative MP said the run-up to the snap election in June was reminiscent of Stanley Baldwin’s 1929 campaign, which saw the Tory leader lose his majority, leaving Labour to form a minority government.What happened to Mr Baldwin, who was Prime Minister twice before that, bears striking similarities to Theresa May who called the election to gain a larger majority, but ended up losing it.

Although Mrs May won the election over all, her campaign, including the ‘strong and stable’ slogan, was also incredibly similar to Mr Baldwin’s, Mr Rees-Mogg explained.

Jacob Rees-MoggGetty   Jacob Rees-Mogg slated the Conservatives’ election campaign

Jacob Rees-Mogg

The Oxford-education historian, told “We should have read – which I foolishly did it after the election campaign, rather than before – the history of Baldwin’s campaign in 1929.“Which was all about Baldwin and ‘trust Mr Baldwin’. It was based on the slogan ‘safety first’, almost identical to what we did – and he lost.

“We didn’t, we just about won, but it’s interesting how history repeats itself and ‘safety first’ in its variants doesn’t inspire people to get out and vote.”

An insider for a candidate who lost their swing seat, angrily told they were directed by Conservative Campaign Head Quarters (CCHQ) to stick to that directive, and emphasise how bad it would be to have Jeremy Corbyn running the country instead of Mrs May who would get a good Brexit deal.They were told to focus on her as leader over everything else and were given specific addresses to go and talk to, with most being Tory already.

CCHQ whittled down target addresses to just 4,000 a week before the vote, with campaigners having to walk past other people’s doors to knock on the target doors, which could number two in an entire street.A couple of weeks before the election candidates were told CCHQ was dropping the “strong and stable” mantel as it was not working, however Mrs May continued to use it.

Mr Rees-Mogg, who has been MP for the safe Tory seat of North East Somerset since 2010, said he did not understand the strategy and went ahead to knock on every door he could.

Jacob Rees-MoggGetty      The Tory party ran a campaign focused on Mrs May

He said: “You need to be offering people more than just competence.“What was our message for business people? What was our message for someone wanting to buy their first home? What was our message, even for somebody going to university?

“It was all ‘we’ll manage things competently but it’s all rather difficult, while things might get a little better if you’re patient and try hard’ – not ‘we’re going to build lots of houses so you will be able to buy a house before you’re 102’.

Stanley BaldwinGetty            Stanley Baldwin’s failed 1929 campaign was very similar to the Tory’s

Jacob Rees-MoggInstagram               Mr Rees-Mogg welcomed his sixth child recently

“That we’re going to ensure we create the environment where setting up businesses is easier, and we’re not going to hit the self-employed, we’re going to make it good for the self-employed.“Oh, and ‘by the way Brexit is a grand opportunity rather than this great millstone we’ve placed round our neck’.

“We were just too ‘safety first’ and no broad summing up.”


Lynton Crosby, the famed Australian campaign expert who won David Cameron his premiership, was hauled in to run the Tory’s campaign after Mrs May called the snap election with just two months to campaign.Following the disastrous result for Mrs May, critics hit out at Mr Crosby’s tactics, saying he treated voters like “fools” and relied on voter fear.

When asked whether Mr Crosby should be blamed for the Tories losing their majority, Mr Rees-Mogg, said: “I don’t know, it didn’t work, there’s not a lot of point in singling out individuals, that’s something we have to learn from.

“We should spend more time on history, we should have learnt from 1929 when we made the same mistakes.”

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Margeret Robinson
Margeret Robinson

Yes indeed. Nothing was said about the ladder of opportunity for youn people. Even now we should be asking the young what type of courses would they like to be made available in technical colleges. Nobody suggested that free uni fees would result in a big win for the very rich since a lot more students come from a wealthy background. Los lots more A totally useless campaign

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