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Theresa May shock: Prime Minister under fire ‘as MPs plot to sign no confidence letter’

THERESA May could face an early exit from Downing Street after 15 MPs agreed to sign a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister, it has been reported.

Mrs May has previously insisted any leadership contest would trigger another General Election, effectively installing Labour and Jeremy Corbyn in Government.But top Tory sources say some younger MPs are keen for change with an aim to get rid of Mrs May before the Conservative conference in October.

A former minister told the Sunday Times: “The numbers change from day to day depending on what’s happened but there are about 15 who are fairly consistent in their desire for change.

theresa mayGETTY          A group of 15 MPs have signed a letter of no confidence against Theresa May

MayGETTY            The Prime Minister could be gone by the October conference, some Ministers claim

“If she has a quiet summer and there are no crises and things are not mismanaged then she might be able to cling on beyond conference, but that is still a big if.”Another source said the conference, held in Manchester, could be used as a “beauty contest”.

Tory source

The source said: “Those interested in the top job will no doubt use conference as an opportunity to stretch their legs.“They have seen cabinet ministers being disloyal to the Prime Minister so it’s likely some will push the boundaries even if that means being critical of the leadership.”

Pressure has been mounting on the Prime Minister to step down after her decision to call a snap General Election in June caused the Conservative party to throw away its Common’s majority.A survey of Tory grassroots has revealed many party members want to see the Prime Minister spending her summer break preparing to hand over power to a successor.

David DavisGETTY             David Davis is the grassroots frontrunner to replace Mrs May

Brexit minister David Davis is the grassroots favourite to take over, followed closely by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.Mrs May is set to head to Italy for a three-week walking holiday.

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Edith Ricketts

Rees-Mogg is definitely the right man to lead Britain at this time and ensure that Brexit really means Brexit.

Margeret Robinson
Margeret Robinson

Stupid idea. Just more disruption. Hammond, johnson,davis, and rudd would not be any help in a other ge

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