Brussels plans Brexit REVERSAL as bloc ‘spends THOUSANDS on pro-EU propaganda in the UK’

THE EU is “insulting” British taxpayers and Brexiteers as they flood the UK with almost £500,000 to fund projects that “challenge Euroscepticism”, a new report revealed.

European Commission documents show that Brussels has more than £2.7million to fund 84 projects across the UK and continent that aim to “reach out to citizens who reject or put in question the EU and its achievements or remain indifferent”.The report states that the “general objectives” are to “contribute to citizens’ understanding of the Union, its history and diversity; to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level”.

It adds: “Such debates or activities are expected to enable participants to deepen their knowledge of the EU… [and] understand the cost of not being part of the EU.”

European commission propagandaGETTY

The European commission document has been accused of propaganda projects

One project in Wales, worth £136,276 (€150,000), warned that Brexit had “jeopardised the fundamental structure of the EU” and that “Euroscepticism is on the rise” with “phenomena like ignorance towards European programmes”.

The application said: “Activities are planned in a way that a large number of citizens who represent the basis for a long-term co-operation network will be included.”

Outrageously, the aims of this particular project refer to a “possible EU exit” and seeks “ways in which the current European political situation can be preserved”.

Patrick O’Flynn, Ukip MEP for the East of England, told The Times: “Taxpayers have already decided they wish to leave. It is insulting that their money is being used to fund indoctrination.

“The fact the EU’s leaders set such store by propaganda tells us that they are seeking to cover up a host of flaws, lack of democracy being foremost among them.”A spokeswoman for the commission said the funding was “discussed and decided by a committee of representatives appointed by member states”.

She said: “While the semantics may change the reasoning is the same — to deepen the understanding of the EU.”

Patrick O'FlynnGETTY

The MEP claimed the projects were insulting to UK taxpayers

Nathan GillGETTY

Mr Gill believes the permanent marking of an EU flag is insensitive

It follows other accusations of Brussels propaganda after a European flag was found to have been etched into a paving slab on Colwyn Bay promenade.The slab, part of the Waterfront Project which is part-funded by EU cash, was spotted by a Conservative town councillor.

Nathan Gill, an independent Assembly Member for North Wales, said: “I understand that until we leave the EU in May 2019 it is still ‘technically’ business as usual – we still pay into the pot and get some of our money back.

“But I think this is very insensitive and short-sighted of Conwy Council to set into concrete the EU flag, with the date 2017, a year after Wales and specifically Conwy voted to leave.

“This flag will be embedded on our sea front for decades after we have left, and made a huge success of Brexit.”

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John Bailey
John Bailey

For goodness sake, lets get out NOW! The arguments and counter-arguments are interminable. We need to LEAVE. We know we are going to leave, so why delay further?

roger carter
roger carter

“Brexit has jeopardised the fundamental structure of the EU” – they say – well, does not that attitude conclusively that Article 50 was simply a cosmetic device – not meant to be used? In other words, once a member then a nation is a captured prisoner! Get stuffed, Brussels

C A Dark
C A Dark

“EU flag etched into a paving slab….” then dig the bloomin’ thing up again!! Surely the cost of a single paving slab is worth it?? They could then put it into a museum, in the history section…

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