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Britain told to calculate how much THEY think UK should pay for Brexit divorce bill

BRITAIN must put forward a plan for how to calculate its multi-million pound European Union exit bill or Brexit talks will not be able to continue and the “process becomes nonsensical”, according to senior diplomatic officials.

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The EU is insisting on the UK being upfront on the divorce bill

Brussels expects the UK Brexit Secretary David Davis to provide the details on what exactly it will pay for in the EU budget.Up to this point, the UK has not come up with a method of calculating what they are prepared to pay for, which Brussels warned could delay talks.

In July, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson hit out over the suggested £91billion (€100bn) bill some European Union figures claimed they wanted the UK to pay before leaving the bloc.

Michel Barnier

EU negotiators are also expected to demand more detail on how the UK plans to permanently guarantee rights for EU citizens living in Britain.In a tweet on Monday, EU negotiator Michel Barnier said: “Looking forward to discussing these papers with the UK.

“Essential to make progress on citizens rights, settling accounts and Ireland.”

One of the EU’s diplomats said: “We feel they have come up with these papers to distract attention away from issues around the financial settlement.”Another senior EU diplomat said: “The UK papers have strong words, but with no substance. They’ve not really given real answers.”


The EU has suggested the UK pays £91 billion to the bloc before the separation

One more diplomat said: “This is not about numbers, but the Brits need to explain, on the one hand, that they have certain obligations but also what they are. Otherwise, the whole process becomes nonsensical.“The Department for Exiting the European Union has claimed they are confident that talks between the two sides will make progress before any crunch meetings in October.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said: “There’s a lot to be done, as a Government we have shown the work that we are putting into this, we have published recently just in the last few days a number of papers that set out our thinking on some of those key issues for the future relationship.”

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