Britons demand ‘clear cut’ Brexit and NO European court influence after March 2019

BREXIT voters have demanded a “clear cut” exit from the European Union over fears the Government’s plans were not strong enough.

The Prime Minsister reiterated on Wednesday that the European Court of Justice would not longer have a say in British affairs after the UK has fully cut ties with Brussels.Dominic Raab, the Justice Minister however told the Today programme that the UK would “keep an eye” on case law in the European Union.

The comments raised fears that the EU may still have some say in British law, particularly when disputes arise between the UK and the bloc.

Speaking on Channel 4 News, Brexit voters living in Ryegate insisted that Britain’s exit from the European Union must be “clear cut” with one member of the public describing the Government’s paper as “disgraceful”.

Brexit votersC4NEWS•GETTY

Brexit voters insisted that the UK had to fully cut ties with European courts

A third added: “It seems a bit ridiculous, if we were following Brexit we wouldn’t be beholden to [European courts].”

One Brexiteer reiterated that for the UK to be sovereign, Britain should not have to deal with the EU when it comes to laws.

“I think it needs to be clean cut,” he said.

Speaking before the document had been released by the Government, Labour MP Chuka Umunna argued that it was another broken promise to the British people.

Speaking on BBC 5 Live, he said: “I think we have to look at this in the round. There were a set of promises made as part of the Brexit package that was sold to the British people.“One of those key promises was that if we vote to leave the European Union, European judges will have no influence on UK law going forward.

“None of us have seen this position paper yet, but what we do know is that in the options that have been presented, there will be some mechanism some group of judges, who knows who thy will be who will make a judgement on whether or not agreements between us and the EU are enforced.

“By doing so we know other similar mechanisms, outside the European Union, like say the EFTA court [a European court for EEA members], they do tend to follow the judgements of the European Court of Justice.

“The promise that was made that European judges will have nothing to do with the interpretation of rules and regulations the impact on the United Kingdom is being exposed as false.”In the paper released by the UK Government on Wednesday explaining that it is not necessary or appropriate for the European Court of Justice to continue having a direct say in Britain’s affairs after Brexit.

The Prime Minister made clear that the UK would not be under the “direct jurisdiction” when the UK leaves the EU.

Mrs May said: “What is absolutely clear, as I made clear in that speech I’ve made when we leave the European Union, we will leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.”

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