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‘She abandoned us’ Even German fishermen hate Merkel and her plans for EU integration

ANGELA MERKEL was slammed for her role in Germany’s declining fishing industry as she fights to stay in office in the upcoming German election.

A furious fisherman bemoaned her lack of interest in local business in favour of pursuing global interests beyond .Ms Merkel was accused of “abandoning” Germany’s fishermen as she pushes other industries as part of her bid for further European integration – with Germany at the forefront.

Dirk Baumann, a fisherman, told the BBC: “I think she abandoned us fishermen – forgot the little people.

“She only cares about the big industries and what is happening overseas.

Angela Merkel Germany Election 2017BBC

German election 2017: Angela Merkel slammed for abandoning German fishermen in favour of EU

Angela Merkel only cares about the big industries and what is happening overseas

Dirk Baumann

“She didn’t look after her own country.” aims to be reelected in the September 24 election, but has faced mixed receptions while out campaigning.

Her speech was met by heckling protesters during a visit to Brandenburg City as her support dwindles.

A huge part of the 1,500-strong crowd whistled and booed the Chancellor as she attempted to deliver a campaign speech.

Footage taken from the rally shows the large group barking “Get out, get out”, as they drowned out her voice.The demonstration was organised by members of the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) and National Democratic Party.

The heckling wasn’t just an isolated incident, Ms Merkel was branded a “traitor of the nation” in Annaberg-Buchholz.

Martin Schulz, a former president of the European Parliament, recently fired his own criticisms at Ms Merkel as he bids to unseat heat.

In his own desperate attempt to garner support, Mr Schulz said Mrs Merkel is “disconnected from reality” and “aloof”.

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