‘Barnier is crumbling’ Brexiteer predicts Davis’ tactics will cause huge internal EU brawl

A LEADING Brexit campaigner has predicted that David Davis’ strategy will cause a massive rift inside the EU and force Brussels to give in to early trade talks.

Hugh Bennett, deputy editor of Brexit Central, has urged anxious Britons to stick with David Davis’ Brexit tactics amid growing criticism at the slow pace of negotiations.The leading Brexiteer said Mr Davis was slowly turning the screw of his EU counterpart Michel Barnier and said a massive internal fight between EU officials was only a matter of time.

The latest round of Brexit talks ended this week, with the EU’S chief Brexit negotiator hitting out at the lack of “decisive progress” on key issues.

Mr Barnier suggested that the divorce bill was the big sticking point between the two sides after the British Government refused to rush through any settlement.


Bennett urged anxious Britons to stick with David Davis’ Brexit tactics

Speaking to Sky News yesterday afternoon, Mr Bennett advised Brexiteers to keep the faith with David Davis.He said: “The bottoms line is the big rows are about the money. It is all about this huge bill the EU want to extort from the UK.

“If the UK agrees to pay the bill now it could get salami-sliced and pummelled in the rest of the talks.

“But, if we leave the bill on the table for long enough then it breaks the EU’s rigid negotiating posture and we can move onto issues like trade.”

Officials in Brussels have spoken about handing Britain a whopping £69billion divorce bill to pay before the sides can even start to think about a trade deal.


The leading Brexiteer said Mr Davis was slowly turning the screw of his EU counterpart Barnier


Barnier pointed to the divorce bill at the big sticking point between the two sides

The EU states will grow impatient and start asking Barnier, why aren’t you talking about these proposals?

Hugh Bennett

But, while Mr Bennett said there will be a payment eventually, he added that David Davis’ refusal to oblige Mr Barnier has already had success.He explained: “The narrative is changing. Just this week, the UK has pointed out that the EU itself is stopping the talks moving forward.

“Barnier admitted his hands are tied by EU guidelines. So, if Britain holds out long enough on the Brexit bill, then the EU member states will take a look at our proposals.

“They will grow impatient and start asking Barnier, why aren’t you talking about these proposals?

“Why are you so desperate to get this money when there are issues that people on both sides want to talk about.

Mr Bennett added: “He is crumbling as we speak.

“This is the UK’s strategy by holding out on this, they could force the EU to give in.

“The EU knows it is on weak ground with the bill. We know we have obligations, but there is no need to give in a t this stage.”

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