‘EU playing with fire!’ Brussels’ calls for multi-billion pound Brexit bill could BACKFIRE

THE European Union is “playing with fire” when it comes to demanding a large multi-billion pound divorce bill.

A director at an economic think-tank said both the EU and Britain could lose out if the Brussels bloc tries to play hardball on a large divorce fee.Speaking on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, Shanker Singham said Brussels needed a financial settlement from the UK.

He said: “Everything that’s happening here, the Commission is playing with fire a little bit here.

“It is true that the UK is a very major contributor and therefore the EU needs a financial settlement out of the UK.

Guy Verhofstadt_Shanker SinghamGETTY•BBC

Shanker Singham said the EU was

The Commission is playing with fire a little bit here

Shanker Singham

“Of course no withdraw agreement means no payment. Both parties need the terms of the future trade relationship worked out so it’s not just the UK that needs that.“I think one of the problems we have here is that there is the negotiating mandate that the EU has put forward, doesn’t make a lot of sense for either party and it risks neither party getting what they want.

“The EU won’t get the money and the UK may not get the future trade relationship.”

Meanwhile, EU negotiator Guy Verhofstadt has taken aim at Britain’s Brexit negotiating team, shooting down David Davis’s claims that Brussels’ approach to talks are inflexible.

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