‘Walk out or bypass Barnier’ Theresa May urged to ignore EU negotiator to secure Brexit

THE PRIME MINISTER should bypass EU negotiator Michel Barnier and take control of the Brexit negotiations to guarantee a bright future for Britain, former Greek Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis has declared.

The former finance minister, who wrangled with the Brussels bloc during the Greek financial crisis, suggested the Prime Minister has two options.Mr Varoufakis said Mrs May could walk away from negotiations now or impose a transition deal that makes EU negotiator Michel Barnier and his team redundant.

In a veiled swipe Mr Barnier and his team, Mr Varoufakis unveiled his idea for thwarting the ongoing negotiations.

Speaking to the BBC Mr Varoufakis said: “There are two options on the table for her. One is to walk away now.

“Just completely walk away, and if they want to come back to her with some proposal they do, otherwise she plans the complete and utter abrupt Brexit that the worst nightmares of us Remainers contain.

Brexit news - Theresa May should bypass Barnier to get to the end of Brexit said Yannis VaroufakisGETTY

Prof Varoufakis said that joining the EEA would help get UK enough certainty to end EU talks

“Or, to do that which is my preferred option, and the one that I have been proposing now for a very long time, which is to respect Brexit by opting for a Norway-style European Economic Area agreement, and file an application for a five-year interim or transitional period after the end of the two-year post Article 50 triggering period.“That will give a sense of continuity, a period of continuity of about seven years altogether.

“That immediately causes the redundancy of Mr Barnier and his team because there will be no need for these negotiations to continue.”

The former politician had previously advised Mrs May to avoid negotiations with Brussels “altogether.”He claimed the EU would exploit uncertainties within the UK to reduce the chance of a fair Brexit deal.

But Brexit Secretary David Davis has ruled out the Norway model, saying that it was the “worst of all outcomes.”

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Davis said: “We did consider it, I gave some considerable thought maybe as an interim measure but it seemed to me to be more complicated, more difficult and less beneficial.

“It keeps is in the EFTA, it would keep us within the requirements of free movement, albeit with some limitations but none of those have worked so far.”

Brexit news Varoufakis tells May to walk out or bypass BarnierBBC RADIO 4

Prof Varoufakis’ comments follow days of tense talks between London and Brussels

Brexit news - Theresa May said Davis should take care of negotiationsBBC

Mr Davis ruled out a possible EEA membership for the UK

Prof Varoufakis’ comments follow days of tension between the two sides after the third round of Brexit talks held in Brussels.During a press conference, Mr Barnier said Britain had U-turned on its pledge to settle various “financial commitments” after leaving the bloc.

The EU Commission tried to break the coldness by inviting Mrs May to speak in Brussels to discuss remaining red-line issues during Brexit negotiations.

Mrs May has decided to keep schtum, letting Mr Davis get on with things instead.

Mr Varoufakis made the comments in an interview with Radio 4. The full interview will be aired on Saturday at 11am.

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