REVEALED: Theresa May’s ally Damian Green will be her secret Brexit weapon

DAMIAN Green has become Theresa May’s right hand man in Downing Street and, as first secretary of state his negotiator role is key as Brexit talks get underway.

Theresa May and Damian Green GETTY

Damian Green and the Prime Minister have been friends since the 1970s

Shortly after Mrs May discovered she had lost her Conservative majority in the June snap election, she promoted Mr Green to be first secretary of state, which is the most senior position in Government below the office of prime minister.The first secretary of state is expected to play a crucial role in Brexit negotiations and he is the one whose job it will be to find a compromise between the demands of the hard and soft Brexiteers.

Damian Green

He described his role to Politico as to act as the “oil in the government machine, keeping it ticking along whenever it shows signs of grinding to a halt in acrimony, dispute or petty rivalry”.Mr Green said last week: “Every government needs a fixer.

“There will be conflicting interests between departments and they need solving.

“Different governments find different ways of doing it.”Mr Green is the Prime Minister’s oldest friends in politics, a pro-European, liberal Tory with friends across the party.

Damian Green in May's officeGETTY

Damian Green became the first secretary of state after the June election

Mrs May has known Mr Green since they were at Oxford University together in the 1970s and they have worked in the Home Office together since 2010.In his role, Mr Green attends the daily Downing Street 8:30am meeting, stands in for Mrs May at Cabinet committees and will do Prime Minister’s Questions when she is absent.

A senior No 10 official told Politico: “The atmosphere is indescribably better since the election, and Damian is a big part of that.“He is a good guy to have around. You cannot help but like him. But he’s also very sharp and crucially he gets media – he used to be a hack.”

Damian Green GETTY

Damian Green has a key role in the Brexit negotiations

Loyal Mr Green has spoken out that he believes the Prime Minister will remain in No 10 “for many years” and has said the Government is fixed on addressing the day-to-day concerns of voters, including helping young people to get on the housing ladder.Regarding Brexit, Mr Green has said: “No Conservative wants a bad Brexit deal, or to do anything that increases the threat of a Corbyn Government”.

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