A short essay on Germany.

I was stationed in Germany as part of BAOR in the late 1960’s and found the German people to be very kind and welcoming on the whole with the possible exception of some of the die-hard old former Nazis who though not particularly aggressive, still showed a certain hostility in their demeanor.

As the years have passed by and with the passing of those old ‘die-hards’, the Germans have continued and even improved on their earlier attitude. This is in part due to the German ‘guilt’ for causing two World Wars, but I can’t help feeling that it is also the natural inclination of the ordinary German as in every country within Europe.

However, it must seem strange to any onlooker from outside of Europe that the German People are so willing to follow the diktats of their Government blindly even when they come to realise that it is detrimental to their own well being.

I have no wish to indulge in jingoistic reference to something that occurred more than eighty years ago, but I feel it a necessary part of this narrative. There is no doubt that the Draconian Treaty of Versailles at the end of the first World War was intended to humiliate the German People which resulted in much poverty and considerable loss of National Pride and it was inevitable that someone like Adolph Hitler should come along and restore that pride. Hitler turned the German economy around and taught the People how to hold their heads up again. He restored the gigantic engineering and industrial machine to its former prowess. However, it did not stop at a Nation’s gratitude to a ‘great Leader’ as they followed him blindly, in their fervour, into his Martial ambitions resulting in a second major defeat for Germany in just 30 years.

Yet, once again, after the last War, due to the innate ‘discipline’ of the Germans together with some very able politicians, Germany again rose to industrial prominence in Europe. Even discounting the undoubted benefit of the ‘Marshall Plan’ it is in the German character to succeed. However, their appears to be yet another example that the German People are prepared to blindly follow a successful politician because they have brought that success once more back to Germany. They are in great danger of making the same mistake as their predecessors in also following the fanatical ideology of their Leaders.

eurozone-stock-market-crash-837098.jpgThere is no doubt that ‘Mutti’ Angela Merkel has been of benefit to Germany but the German People must stop themselves from getting into the same trap as occurred under the Nazis. They must stop and reconsider that they may be being brought to the same fanatical mindset of Merkel into forming a Federal State of Europe. Whereas, on face value, it may appear as beneficial to Germany as the dominant party in such a formation, it should be remembered that the People of Europe (ignoring the Industrialists and certain politicians) have no wish to be dominated by a supra-national and unelected body: A Dictatorship. There will inevitably be many who strongly oppose such a move and it is also inevitable that it would result in widespread violence which would have to be put down forcibly. It could easily be ‘Deja vu’ all over again.

Merkel has just extended further sanctions upon Russia for their ‘temerity’ in opposing the EU in their ambitions to include the Ukraine in the EU ‘Empire’. This is already resulting in severe losses to German manufacturing and to the loss of livelihood to German People.

They must curtail Merkel’s ideological ambitions that will result in possible economic disaster for Germany. Germany’s GDP is more than half composed of income from exports. Germany simply cannot sustain continuing and unnecessary diminution of that income.

Despite some rhetoric from certain German Industrialists that they are prepared to take losses in order for the EU to ‘punish’ Britain in its audacity to wish to have self determination, I do not believe that the German People have been properly informed of the consequences of loss of trade with Britain.

The narrative given to the German People is that trade with Britain only represents single digit percentiles of overall German exports, but it must be remembered that this figure can be in real terms more than doubled as more than half of German wealth is based on exports outside of the EU. Exports are the only actual income that the German economy relies on to maintain its present standard of living. The Bundesbank, which is supported by the German Tax payer, is heading for around one Trillion Euros in toxic debt due to its funding of the TARGET2 system which makes Germany responsible for payment to all intra-EU import/export whereby the Exporter is paid by TARGET2 (hence; the Bundesbank) whilst it receives in return from the Importer, an IOU which few expect ever to be repaid.

The German People, just like most of the Western World are far better informed than their predecessors due to greater communication. They know that the German Taxpayer has willingly taken a severe burden in being the mainstay in supporting the ideology of the European Union but at some point, that burden may just be too much for them to bear alone’.

Unless the EU should cease its fanatical desire to ‘punish’ Britain instead of taking the pragmatic view that full trade is beneficial to both sides, it will inevitably result in a severe loss to German and other European exports.

Germany is already on reduced industrial output because of the slow down of intra-European import/export. It simply cannot afford the loss of trade with Britain in the short term, especially so as the USA is also likely to further diminish German trade to themselves. Though in the long term, Germany will likely recover the losses, it is better for them to ADD that new trade to the existing rather than have the inevitable job losses to German Workers.

The German People must stop and think whether they wish to risk encountering their historical penalties once again by blindly following the ideological ambitions of their Leaders. They must consider their existing benefits to be sufficient without domination of others.

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