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Juncker’s WORST nightmare: Macron demands EU treaty change or warns MORE states will leave

EMMANUEL MACRON insisted the European Union set goals for the next ten years and enforce treaty changes or face other member states following Brexit – in what will be seen as a kick in the teeth to Jean-Claude Juncker.

The French President urged “new ambition” or the Brussels bloc would face the “dismantling of Europe”.It comes after European Commission President Mr Juncker’s State of the Union speech which included his masterplan for greater integration without treaty change.

But speaking at a Bloomberg event in New York, Mr Macron warned of difficult months and years ahead for the bloc if it could not shake its image of overbearing bureaucracy.

He said: “We have to fix 10 years’ objectives for Europe and we have to decide some convergences and some investment decisions in order to reach these objectives.


Emmanuel Macron calls for EU treaty changes amid fears member states will follow Brexit

You will have other countries suddenly raising and saying ‘I’m no longer comfortable with this bureaucracy’

Emmanuel Macron

“We will have to change treaties but we need these new ambitions because for my generation there is just one alternative.“Do we want the dismantling of Europe and it’s an ongoing process, we discussed years and years about Brexit and now it’s all about Brexit and now we have a lot of tensions with Poland regarding overflow in Europe.

“But in a few months or years, you will have other countries suddenly raising and saying ‘I’m no longer comfortable with this bureaucracy and with this Europe without any vision, but just a lot of constraints’.”

The Brussels boss has also called for EU integration in the face of rising populism after Britain voted to sever ties with the bloc ahead of crunch elections in Italy, Sweden, Hungary and the Czech Republic, where eurosceptic parties are gaining momentum.

It appears the EU chief is keen to make his mark with a grand masterplan to rebuild the bloc, as his five-year term as European Commission president expires in 2019.

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