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EU minister warns Brexit bill ‘will be MUCH HIGHER’ to cover Brussels bureaucrat pensions

THE Czech EU secretary has warned that the final Brexit divorce bill will be “significantly higher” than the £18billion Theresa May has reportedly offered.

Ales Chmelar issued a warning that Theresa May can expect to hand over “much more” than the £18billion she offered her EU counterparts as part of the contentious Brexit bill.The Czech EU secretary said this payment was “just the first of many” as the British Government failed to consider payment for EU pensions.

This comes amid reports that the final bill could be more than double the figure offered – with some officials in Brussels touting a £40billion total bill.


Ales Chmelar issued a warning that Theresa May can expect to hand over “much more” than £18billion

In her much-anticipated Florence speech, the Prime Minister asked for single-market access, and for Britain to stay within a customs agreement, for up to two years.During that time, the UK would continue paying into EU budgets and abide by EU rules through to 2021.

Theresa May described the offer as a “generous way” to fill the European Union’s budget hole so that other countries would not have to pay more after Britain leaves in 2019.

However, EU officials were not satisfied with this offer, claiming that the £18bn only accounted for a fraction of the costs.


The Prime Minister asked for single-market access, and for Britain to stay within customs agreement

Jacob Rees-MoggGETTY

Jacob Rees-Mogg hit out at the Theresa May’s speech

If it is just the financial framework period it is not enough

Ales Chmelar

Mr Chmelar, who works as the Czech’s EU Policy Coordination Department, said: “This is just a payment for the remaining financial framework period.”This is not a payment for all the legacies that we see including for example the pensions and the legacies in terms of grants and funds.

“We need to agree what is part of the deal. If it is just the financial framework period it is not enough.

“It is quite a normal thing that when you have a certain advantage of access to a market you also have to pay for it. This is a very important part that cannot be ignored.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg led a backlash from Brexiteer Tory MPs against Theresa May’s plan.

He criticised the proposal for a two-year transition because it would delay the end of free movement and continue to pay billions of pounds to Brussels.

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Now we are letting children tell us what we pay?
Dis May needs to grow a pair quickly

Jeremy Wraith
Jeremy Wraith

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I keep trying to point out that the EU itself produced a report which showed that the next generation will have to find well over 30 trillion euros to fund the pensions of EU civil servants etc. This works out at about £1 million/head over their working lives for the next generation of UK workers. As the UK is/was the second highest contributor of net funds to the EU it is blindingly obvious where the major burden of finding this cash would come from. And the younger ones generally voted to stay… Read more »

Jane Davies
Jane Davies

The UK is NOT going to pay for the inflated pensions of these people. If this is even hinted at by May and her fellow remainers then there will be trouble ahead and May will be toast at the next election.

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