BREXIT DEADLOCK: EU chiefs demand DOUBLE Theresa May’s €20bn divorce bill

BREXIT negotiations risk further stalemate as EU chiefs will demand Britain more than double Theresa May’s €20 billion offer, senior European diplomats have warned.

David Davis, Britain’s Brexit secretary, and Michel Barnier, the European Union’s Brexit negotiator, will lock horns in tomorrow’s fourth round of talks in order to push the agenda to post-Brexit trade with the EU.Mr Barnier has repeatedly said trade talks cannot begin until a final divorce bill has been agreed.

Following Theresa May’s crunch Brexit speech in Florence on Friday, she announced that Britain “will honour commitments” made during its EU membership and deliver a payment of €20 billion to the EU.

Now, the final bill is expected to be twice this amount, and Britain would need to issue an agreement-in-principle on this to begin trade talks, senior EU diplomats confirmed to a Sunday paper.


BREXIT DEADLOCK: EU chiefs demand DOUBLE Theresa May’s €20bn divorce bill

Ales Chmelar

The EU is clear that a British offer to continue paying into the EU budget in 2019 and 2020 during a two-year period payments amounting roughly to €20 billion (£18 billion) – will not cover the bill.Ales Chmelar, the Czech secretary for European affairs, warned the final divorce settlement will be far higher.

He said: “This is just a payment for the remaining financial framework period. This is not a payment for all legacies that we see, including for example the pensions and the legacies in terms of grants and funds.”


Theresa May delivering a crunch Brexit speech in Florence, Italy on Friday

brexit newsGETTY

Mr Barnier has repeatedly said trade talks cannot begin until a final divorce bill has been agreed

European negotiatiors have outlined they want absolute certainty about which commitments the UK is prepared to honour in order to arrive at a “methodology” to calculate a final bill, expected to be “about €40billion-€50billion”.But EU chiefs continue to take a hard line on the financial settlement as EU member states prepare to open negotiations on a new seven-year budget cycle after 2020, when the UK’s net €10billion-a-year annual payments will be absent.

The “material clarification” of Mrs May’s Florence speech would be priority when 100 British officials return to Brussels tomorrow to re-open talks.

The deadlock comes as French President Emmanuel Macron said that Mrs May’s speech in Italy had not fundamentally changed the EU’s demands.Mr Macron said: “Before we move forward, we wish to clarify the issue of the regulation of European citizens, the financial terms of the edit and the question of Ireland.

“If those three points are not clarified then we cannot move forward with the rest.”

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After watching DIS May on Friday i am convinced more than ever that there is no such person.
That was D Cameron in drag, if not MAYbe and call me Dave have the same speech writer.

She is just as determined as call me Dave to sell us out.


The response from the eu was wholly predictable. If I was kind maybe I would think May did this to force us out the door, but I certainly don’t think this is the case. I also do not feel like being kind to May the betray

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