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Theresa May’s leadership ‘under threat as almost 50 MPs want PM out’

THERESA May’s future as Prime Minister is under threat again as Tory insiders reveal “almost 50 MPs want her out”.

Tories want May to resign following Brexit speechGETTY

Tories want May to resign following Brexit speech

The number of Conservative MPs who want Mrs May to resign has reportedly significantly increased since her General Election disaster in June, pushing dangerously close to the amounted needed to trigger a leadership contest.Her fellow Tories said she had been “careful not to offend either wing of the party”, but they were “monitoring her conference speech closely”.

It comes as news emerged that four of her senior ministers had made plans to replace her after the General Election, according to the Sunday Times.

Boris Johnson, Philip Hammond, David Davis and Amber Rudd were involved in leadership plots after she surrendered the Tory majority.

A source who discussed the leadership with the Chancellor that morning claimed Mr Hammond thought Mr Johnson should head a triumvirate in which Mr Davis “could run Brexit, [Hammond] could run the economy and Boris could run the shop”.

The insider added: “I know on that first day he thought Boris could be the answer because he’d have this reach and appeal.”

But the plan reportedly suffered when it became clear Mrs May was not going to stand down and the Brexit Secretary implied he would not defer to Mr Johnson.A close ally of David Davis has now claimed the number of MPs was “close to 50” who wanted May out and that the Brexit Secretary would stand for leadership if the party called for a contest.

The activity is being monitored closely in No 10 because a leadership contest would be triggered if a minimum of 48 MPs sent letters to Graham Brady, the chairman of the backbench 1922 committee, calling for one.

Phillip Hammond and David Davis GETTY

Phillip Hammond and David Davis

Phillip Hammond texted Johnson after GEGETTY

Phillip Hammond texted Johnson after GE

The leadership issue was thrown back into the spotlight last week when Boris Johnson published his ‘Brexit blueprint’.A senior Government source has said that the Foreign Secretary is not simply paranoid but the prime minister was in fact out to get him to reduce the threat he posed to her authority.

The senior source said: “The PM made him Foreign Secretary in order to screw him up. It was designed to expose his limitations – and it has.

“No one can turn down an offer to become Foreign Secretary, but he has wilted in the spotlight, as have his leadership ambitions.”

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C A Dark
C A Dark

She needs to go….but I see a repeat of the previous leadership contest fiasco, when the grassroots Tory members never had the opportunity to vote. They were presented with May as a fait accompli. I think we would end up with another Remoaner at the helm.


I should B****y well think so The only option now is exit the eu immediately we will never in a million years get a good deal from them. Time to ignore them completely and leave, they can talk to us as an independent country who owes them nothing.

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